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EGKStang 11-21-2016 06:00 AM

2013 GT mods ?
I bought a 2013 GT this past Saturday. When I checked under the hood it has (JBA) headers and a JLT ram air intake, it also has MagnaFlow mufflers or cheery bombs, they are not the full size muffler.

The used car manager said it's a full exhaust. Is there anything I need to be looking for with these kinds of mods?
It's from an Infiniti dealer so I'm pretty confident the car is in good shape, I don't think a dealership like that is going to have a bad car on their lot.

However, I had it written in the deal to have an independent mechanic look at it, if there is anything wrong with it I can take it back.
Not sure how that would go though, I love this car! It's very loud and very fast!

Anyway, if you wouldn't mind, please advise on what to look for.

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