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Injector Rail

I'm sure the injector rail supposed to line up with the 4 bolt holes with ease and I'm wondering why in my case it seems as if I have to sort of force it some to get them to line up to put the bolts in them. Every time I have taken the injector rail loose, I have never taken the whole thing completely off the car as the distributor is preventing the front lip from slipping off unless you take off the dizzy.

I never take off the feul lines or anything, just remove the injectors from the intake after unbolting and hang up some out of the way. Is it possible the pressure from the fuel is doing this? I wouldnt think so but...................

I have always just tied a few strings to the rail and hung up via my carport and strings haning from the ceiling that connects to the strings on the rail. Its just up and out of the way enuff for in this case for me to drill out that broken bolt. I checked everything and the injectors are pushed in all the way and I do not see any other reason why the rail doesnt line up pretty much perfect with the holes and I have to line up then it seems as if its not perfectly centered. I am gona see what you guys say as to recommendations then start fresh tommorow.

On edit, after just playing around with it, seems like I have to bolt down the front first with the back injector out. At least get the bolt in the hole and snug some then put the back in and do the same. Darn maybe that's the way maybe its not lol but if it works then im all for it.
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