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Parasitic draw on battery when parked.

I have a 3 month old battery, and when I went to start my car yesterday, the battery was completely dead. It would barely flash the anti theft light. It was only a few nights ago, since I drove it. It ran fine, had bright lights, and the voltage gauge was reading normal.

I charged the battery, and disconnected the ground. Then I put my multi meter between the ground cable and the negative post of the battery. With the key off its reading almost 12 volt. 11.49 ish. I pulled every fuse and relay one at a time and seen no difference in the reading. I even disconnected the relays to my electric water pump and the 40 amp back to my BAP and FPDM. I also disconnected the charge cable at the alternator

I have no idea where the draw is coming from? Possibly the main power cable to the starter or an internal short? Kinda lost on what to test next?

As always any ideas will be appreciated.
**2000 GT 665/540 SUPERCHARGED SOHC 2V 281ci**
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