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Originally Posted by berad001 View Post
I know a lot of these people because of the aquariums, they are in full panic mode. I deal directly with a customer on a board of a Boston high rise (owners) and they're fully on panic mode. I have customers who run 50k sq/ft call centers and they've gone entirely remote, works fine and they're talking about downsizing their physical presence. What do you do when your monthly expenses are in the millions and nothing is coming in for a year plus.

The people with money who can work remote are "lock it down, I'm good forever at home" and then there is everyone else

So you sold all your shyt, will you be buying it all back pennies on the dollar in a year or two?
My parents did that in the 2008 recession, they sold their house and downsized their primary residence in 2007 and built their retirement/lake house. Then in 2009 they got a chance to buy their old house back from foreclosure auction for less than half of what they sold it for. So they bought it back and rented out the downsized house.
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