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Originally Posted by Darius View Post
I have two more I’m unloading. One rental and one vacation spot we haven’t been using much since we pumped two kids out. One will be listed next week the last in a month or so.

I posted this somewhere else in here too but Im noticing people selling their current home at a premium because the market is hot but then upsizing into something even bigger and better because they just made bank on their sale. Of course paying a premium for the new place too. It’s hard to poo pop on your friend’s parade but **** I hope some of the people close to me doing this aren’t gonna get fvcked in the ass in the next year or two.

I’m good where I’m at. No plans to move. Will put kids through school here. If property value drops I’ll get a cut on my taxes and just ride it out.
Same shlt here... "I cleared $85k selling my house... I'm going to upgrade!!!" Uhhh.... Do you not realize there's a housing crash/tanking on the horizon? Rent for at least a year, possibly 2.. THEN upgrade for cheaper. Is always my response.
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