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Originally Posted by Mishkin View Post
I might pick up some things when they are giving them away again. I missed out on a lot of deals early in the year before C19 hit. but oh well. i already got the best deals when obama was in office and people were in the breadline.. (change)

i ended up picking up a big farm, moving to it next week... seemed to get a pretty good deal on it.. from new ones hitting the market i'm already up 500k easy.

hoping to just stay on the farm full time and not have to leave much. ride my horse around watching my half million in cattle graze.
About Obama and those bread lines...this is the Dallas food bank line under Trump.

8500 people in line for food.

Local food banks are all distributing 4x to 6x their normal amount of food right now. I would encourage everyone here to donate directly to your local food bank, cash donations to food banks can make an immediate impact in local communities.
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