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Getting the car back on the road - where to buy parts?

Hey everyone, its been a while!

I've decided get my stang road worthy after letting it sit for the past 8 years.

I have some type of no fuel situation I will need to diagnose, but other than that i'm planning on replacing all the fluids, filters, tires, pads and rotors.

My fuel issue is most likely the pump since it was acting up before I started driving the car. Way back when I hacked up the bucket to fit a walbro 255 pump, but had all types of problems, hopefully by now someone makes a drop in high performance pump that fits a 98GT (bastard fuel system).

I have no idea what condition the suspension is in, so i'll have to figure that out as well.

I also remember having some play in the steering wheel towards the end, since it was a replacement power steering rack i'm assuming that will need to be replaced as well.

Here is some info on the car (at least what I can remember):
1998 Mustang GT (80,000 miles)
PI engine from 03GT (30,000 miles)
Original t45 w/ pro 5.0 shifter
Vortech V1 strim w/ 2.8 pulley (i think) and custom Intercooler
42# FRPP Injectors
Anderson Power Pipe
Lighting MAF (have a sct BA2800 but never retuned the car for it)
SLP long Tubes, off road X pipe, magnapack catback
Steeda aluminum upper and lower rear control arms
Tokiko HP shocks (probably shot by now)
Eibach prokit springs
03/04 cobra front control arms (better turning radius)
steeda caster camber plates
steeda ball joints
31 spline moser axles
FRPP rear diff w/ 4.10 gears
03/04 cobra front brake kit, stock rear brakes
probably other stuff I can't remember...

So the point to this long post is that I have no idea where to buy parts, its been so long since my original build that I lost contact with all the vendors I worked with before. Any recommendations?
1998 Mustang GT
12.41@113 -- on old setup, wonder how fast i can push it down the track?
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