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Originally Posted by MrsElImmigrante View Post
Old muffk'as acting like they have game like Brad Pitt, William Levy and Jared Leto so they can pick apart this female specimen.

You disappoint Woodz.

That post was supposed to piss off the other guys in here drooling, not you. I already know you like the fatties and it's cool.

I don't think I have game, bro. She probably wouldn't let me smell where she had pissed, but as far as the incredibly hot females on the internet? Sorry, but
Originally Posted by SlowAsStock View Post
They will literally change the rules and make things up to remove a duly-elected president that they don't like.

And people applaud it. They're excited about it. Their democracy is being torn away from them and they're standing on the sidelines cheering, with their pitchforks in hand.
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