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3 years of debate! finally getting rid of my mustang


I've had my gt convertible sitting in the garage/yard of my parents house for the past 3 years... I haven't driven it, but I haven't been able to make up my mind to get rid of it either! I finally made up my mind this weekend that it is time to give her to someone else!

not sure if anyone has had a similar experience but this is my first car... not an easy decision to make to get rid of her!

In case you'd like to see the pics... in case you have any questions.
1996 GT Convertible.

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This is too funny... I've been looking to replace my mustang with something else as well, but I seem to come across the same issue everywhere I look. It doesn't even seem to matter the car, but everything I find online that looks halfway decent, is total crap in person. Nothing I have come across even comes close to just how nice my Mustang still is. These guys feel it's a straight trade for the hacked up Honda or beat to hell WRX... After many years of looking and looking, I will probably never sell my mustang and I'll more than likely let my oldest son drive it when he is of age (he's 14 now).

Trust me when I say, the grass is not greener on the other side....
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1/8 mile: 8.597 @ 80.94 (best 1/4 mph 101.69)
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