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2004 Cobra Redfire "Ultimate twin screw" Cobra Street Car

I am selling this amazing Terminator. I have bitten off more than I can chew. This car is tame and yet can be an absolute monster if/when needed. It is just too much/fast car for me. Plain and simple. I bought the car from Skaarew04svt and started working on not only getting it ready for the track, but also working with him on the tuning aspect. I datalogged and Erik made the tunes for me. There was a question on voltage. I started to get a new alternator, but tried a larger alternator pulley (3.2")and the high rpm voltage came back, as the problem was in the upper rpms. I went to the dyno and the car liked 20* of timing best and made 851rwhp / 703rwtq STD. This is with 13lbs of boost. Words cannot accurately describe how the accelleration in this car feels. The car is tuned for E85. I buy mine from the local Meijer station and test every batch, just because I go overboard. There is an accusump on the car just for startup, so the engine never has a dry start. I open the valve & the car gets 20lbs of oil pressure before it is even started! There is a boost-a-pump on the fuel pump, but it only there as a failsafe (not needed) to ensure that no matter what happens with system voltage, that the pump will always see 14volts. There is also a failsafe in the tune for the injectors in case voltage ever fell off. Erik (Skaarew04svt) went above and beyond. The word "overbuilt" doesn't do the car justice. Jaws drop wherever it goes. The car is just built beyond measure. It is just as happy, lugging along at 1200rpms as it is at 7000. There is no cam surge, the clutch doesn't chatter, I've never seen anything like it. Check out the build thread and also check out the photos and description below. There is nothing wrong with the car, its just too much/fast for me. I took the car to the track a week and a half ago and in 3 full passes went a best of 10.51 @ 133, going thru the traps in 3rd gear, in and out of the throttle downtrack. No ice was used. The car needs a 3.73 gear and some stiff wall 26x10 ET Drags and bottom 10's @ 140+ would surely follow.

The price is $32,000. Firm. Thank you. John (317) 362-5821

Here are the specs:
VIN # 1FAFP48Y44F210973
Color: Redfire Metallic (4 redfire base coats, 3 clear coats. Paintwork done in 2008 for show car finish)
Currently tuned to run on E85 fuel (Minimum 105 Octane)
Chassis mileage: 33,496
Build Mileage: 1500

- Engine built by Ford’s Mod Motor designer John Tymensky of Modular Performance
- 5.0L V8 305 cubic inches, stock stroke 3.700" bore (Siamese 5.0 boss block)
- 10.7 : 1 compression Ford Racing Boss Block
- ARP head studs, ARP cam bolts, ARP 2000 rod bolts, ARP maincap studs, ARP maincap side bolts
- 3V windage tray
- Melling high flow oil pump
- Forged cobra crank,with oil passages modified for better lubrication
- Oliver billet I-Beam rods
- Forged custom Diamond flat top pistons with 2cc valve reliefs
- MHS Ported 4V heads, stage 2 valvesprings, bronze valve guides, viton seals
- Bullet custom blower cams, Spec'd by John Tymensky for this particular build
- Canton oil pan, engine has 12 qt capacity (10 qt engine / 2 qt accusump)
- 3.3L Lysholm Twin Screw Supercharger
- Positive Crankcase Ventilation routed to Catch Can / Breather
- Maximum Motorsports Remote Oil relocation kit, uses FL-1A style filter
- 2 quart Accusump Pre-oiler / Surge control unit, with manual valve setup
- Custom head cooling mod (at rear of heads)
- Custom "simplified" cooling system (similar to Evans setup), consistently maintains ECT of 172
- Ford racing coolant / oil block adapter with oil temp and oil pressure guages installed
- Plugs : NGK TR6 gapped @ .020
- All external engine components powdercoated

- Brand New Tremec T-56 MAGNUM Transmission with MGW Shifter handle
- Close ratio gearing, same as stock T56 in SVT cobra
- McLeod RXT twin disk clutch
- Fidanza Aluminum flywheel
- Ford Racing 3.27 Rear Gear
- 31 spline Strange Engineering Chromoly transmission slip yoke
- OEM Aluminum Driveshaft shortened by 1", with all new Spicer 1350 ujoints
- Detroit True Trac limited slip Torsen differential, 31 spline IRS version
- Ford Racing differential cover
- ARP 3" wheel studs all around

- Return Style Fuel System
- Magnafuel SQI 625 external fuel pump, 2000 hp rated.
- Lysholm Fuel Rails (E85 compatible)
- Injector Dynamics ID 1000 fuel injectors
- Weldon 2040a Fuel Pressure Regulator
- Kenne Bell BAP set to maintain 14 volts to pump regardless of alternator voltage
- Glenns Performance 16 gallon sumped tank with Stainless Steel Sump / Baffles, powdercoated Satin Black
- Glenns Performance Fuel cooler post fuel pressure regulator, in return line, located in front of radiator
- 10 Feed, -8AN Return Line

- Stock rack and pinion, power steering intact
- Steering rack mounted to MM K member in uppermost position using MM solid steering rack bushings
- Custom bump steer kit with spacers
- Steeda spherical tie rod ends

- Kooks T304 SS Longtube Headers 1 3/4” primaries into 3” collectors, Ceramic coated
- Kooks 3” T304 SS X-pipe (catless) , ceramic coated
- Dynomax 3" Bullets welded in just past the "X"
- Stainless Works 3” T304 catback, polished, featuring Dynomax 3" VT mufflers
- Magnaflow 4” rolled T304 SS exhaust tips
- The car is very, very tame when under part throttle, but gets loud at w.o.t.
- Rear o2 sensors are in and turned on, no codes! Using spark plug non foulers to lift sensors off pipes, no codes!

- Full Length Custom Subframe Connectors welded in
- CHE Rear Shock Tower Brace
- Maximum Motorsports K-Member with MM control arms, poly bushings
- Maximum Motorsports Coilovers on all 4 corners
- Front Spring Rate 375 lb/in
- Rear Spring Rate 575 lb/in
- MM Sport Valved Bilstein Struts (front) and Shocks (rear)
- Independent Rear Suspension
- FTBR UHMW subframe to chassis bushings
- FTBR Delrin upper and lower control arm bushings, with Zerx fittings
- FTBR Differential bushings
- FTBR adjustable sway bar end links
- MM deluxe tie rod kit, bumpsteer adjustable
- IRS subframe powdercoated gloss black.
- Brakes, less than 2000 miles: Stock, with painted calipers

Front Wheels : Racestars (17x4.5) in black chrome With Hoosier front radial skinnies (150-200 street miles)
Rear Wheels : Racestars (15x10) in black chrome With ET Streets 26x11.5 (4 passes on them and 150-200 street miles)

- Stock interior
- Cruise control
- AC that blows ice cold
- NGK AFX Wideband O2 Sensor with NTK sensor
- Autometer NV Electric Oil Pressure Gage
- Autometer NV Electric Water / Oil Temp Gage
- Autometer NV Mechanical Boost / Vacuum Gage (-30 to +30)
- Aeroforce Interceptor Gage, complete OBD scanner

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Price drop to $32,000. Firm. Thanks...
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