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Capt'n Morgan Time!
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Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
The "Support ICE" Bill passed today by republicans... ahahahaha


ALL republicans voted to support ICE... 34 leftist democrats voted not support ICE (and I applaud those dems for having the BALLS to vote their minds hopefully representing their districts)

but 134 democrats fvcking LOL.. spineless COWARDS with absolutely no d*ck, no p*ssy and NO balls... VOTED "PRESENT"

ahahahaha... thats how bad it is for dems in this next election... THE VAST MAJORITY OF ELECTED DEMS (elected by the people mind you) have no clue if they should support OR abolish ICE... and are FAR TOO COWARDLY to say one way or the other.

They will say and do... anything... and in most cases do nothing

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Penisjuan is a dick :)
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Originally Posted by Scud View Post

Coming from you thatís hilarious.
Sad but true
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