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Blinker Problem

Both my left and right blinker will flash a few times before stopping and staying solid lit. This tends to happen more often in warm weather (I live in the south). The problem started last summer, and this would happen quite frequently. As winter came along, this problem rarely occurred. Now that it's warm again, it's happening all the time, but the hazards work fine. I thought it might be a relay problem, so I swapped the relay under the hood with the relay for the hazard lights since they are the same size. Upon doing this, the hazards kept working fine, but the blinkers still would freeze after only flashing a few times. This afternoon after driving home from work, I turned the car off in the garage, and both blinkers worked fine. I let them blink for several minutes and they never froze. I then started the car, and the blinkers only flashed a few times before they froze. Again, the hazard lights work fine. Any suggestions as to what would cause the blinkers to freeze whenever the engine is warm?
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Is there not another relay under the dash for the turn signals?
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try replacing the bulbs
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