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Spring suggestions

As the title suggest I'm looking for some suggestions on springs. I have a 1997 V6 that I'm looking to lower the car (a little) and improve the handling of the car. I'm mainly looking at making it a little more fun to drive while out cruising around on the back roads or when I occasionally go to the circle track. I'm not looking at lowering the car so much that I've got to make complex maneuvers to enter/exit parking lots, go over speed humps, or worry about every bump and crease in the road. Speaking of which the roads are horrible here and I don't want the car to feel like I'm riding in the back of an old farm truck either. I have a set of KYB GR-2's and a polyurethane bushings that I plan to put on at the same time. I do have a set of Ford "C" springs but I think that will be a little more then I'm looking for after reading around. A couple of sets of springs I'm looking at are the SVE Springs from Late Model Restoration or the Ford "B" Springs.

I know it's not a V8, I can't afford the V8 I want so this is what I've got to work with.

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