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Idle issues finally solved

My mustang has had stupid idling issues especially after I installed an SVO intake. What happens is the idle will hang, and seriously hang forever. And most of the time it will not drop below 1000rpm unless I come to a complete dead stop for at least 3 or seconds. You can imagine how annoying this gets. It's like I'm driving around with my foot always on the gas, but just barely. I finally sort of somehow fixed this inadvertently...

I was messing with my clutch cable firewall adjuster cause I started getting the cool TOB noise. So, I got it to where the TOB noise is gone, however now much clutch throw is closer to the top of the clutch pedal. In an effort to shorten this, I placed a small piece of wood just under the carpet so that I don't have to push the clutch pedal in all the way to the floor. Now while this seemed like a good idea, and the clutch will engage just fine still and I can still shift gears, I couldn't start the car because of the safety lock out. I was like damn, I get the clutch where I want it, but now the stupid safety mechanism is keeping me from starting the car.

Well, I got to looking into this safety mechanism and I found there's multiple things going on here. There's a switch for when the clutch pedal is at rest and there's a switch for when the clutch pedal has been depressed to start the car. I removed the two pig tails from the safety part of the switch, but still no start. I then jumpered one of these plugs and the car freaking started. I did not think this would be this easy. Now here comes the cool part.....

Ever since I jumpered the one plug, my idle is back to normal, almost as if the car was completely stock. It does not hang anymore and will drop to a normal idle while the car is moving. I no longer have to bring the car to a complete and dead stop in order for the idle to drop anymore. This is fvcking weird and really makes no sense. Has anyone experienced this before? IS your car having idle issues? This may very well fix it.
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I think your car is pissed because you call it a GTS and make it feel stupid when it knows those were only made in 1995.
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the eec uses timing to control idle typically as it is faster then the iac motor. did you properly set the idle speed with the idle set screw and the iac disconnected? also since you changed the intake did you make sure the TPS isn't out of waco?

bypassing the NSS circuit is pretty foolish. fix the clutch play the correct way and lose the fvcking piece of wood

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