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Shocks & struts question

Kind of a different question on the usual shock\struts.

I have a brand new set of bilstien struts for the stang. A buddy just totaled the front of his mustang, and he said I can have his koni yellows (shocks) for free. They have maybe 100 miles on them. All I have to do is take them out. Would it be ok to mix bilstien HD struts with koni yellow shocks ? I've searched around on google but haven't found much.

Save me a lot of money on the rear shocks if they are OK to mix. The shocks are adjustable.

Help me out yet again MW
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Yes, you can use the Koni's for the rear, and what makes that cool is that they are adjustable. If suddenly the ride gets very choppy when you do swap them out, then the valving is too different and they are not compatible. But I've really yet to see shocks for mustangs be so different that it messes up the ride. Usually worn out shocks/struts cause the crappiest of rides.
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