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clutch replacement?

well, skipping to chapter 3 of my transmission woes, my clutch is toast and I need to get a new one. my question is three-fold:

1) I did not like the spec stage 1 clutch that I got. I felt it had a lot of chatter when being let out. what are other good brands for a hardly modded 03 GT that won't break the bank?

2) what should I be looking at for installation quotes? I got one so far for almost $700. I have longtubes, and they know that, so they may have jacked up the price to compensate.

3) on the above note, i'd rather have someone familiar with these cars do the install because of the headers. longer install time = higher bill. anyone know anyone reputable in the balt/dc area that they would recommend?
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Let me know what you find out. I know I will be replacing mine soon as well. I love the stock clutch, so thinking of just getting it replaced with another stock one.
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