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Cream Puff
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Members Vehicle Specs


Try to be specific so people can see what kinda parts it takes to run et's or hit hp numbers.


valvecovers need a polishing bad, the water marks are stained on

some marathon started at this exact point apparently, didnt even see this until i got home and looked at the pic.. was like

speed of sound radio bezel (dont mind the boost gauge, n2o one hasnt arrived yet)


1992 Mustang LX Hatcback (Bright Red)


347 CID smallblock (internally balanced)
Eagle Forged Crankshaft (rated to 1200 hp)
Eagle Forged H Beam Connecting Rods (rated to 1200 hp)
SRP Racing Pistons(rated to 1200 hp)
DSS 347 Stroker Main Girdle
DSS 347 Windage Tray
ARP Main Studs
ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
ARP Head Bolts
ARP Intake Bolts
ARP Carb Studs
Comp Cams 35-770-8 Mechanical Roller Camshaft (274/280 .602/608 110 lsa)
Comp Cams Adjustable Double Roller Timing Set
Comp Cams Spring Cups
Comp Cams Pushrods
Comp Cams Valvesprings
Comp Cams Billet Stud Girdle
Edelbrock Performer RPM Heads (2.02/1.60)
Edelbrock Victor Jr Intake Manifold
Scorpion 1.6 Roller Rockers
Holley HP/Ultra Series Carb
SFI Balancer
3G alternator upgrade
Powermaster XS Racing Starter


BBK Ceramic Coated 1 3/4 Longtube Headers
BBK Offroad X Midpipe
Flowmaster American Thunder Catback


Fidenza Lightweight Alum Flywheel
SPEC Stage 3 Clutch
Mcleod SFI Bellhousing
FRPP Aluminum Driveshaft
Tremec TKO600
FRPP 3.55 Gears
B&M Pro Ripper Shifter
Hurst Pistol Grip Shifter Handle w/ 2 step
Weld Draglites with 28'' et streets


Competition Engineering Drag Race Shocks/Struts
Competition Engineering Drag Race Springs
Competition Engineering 8 Point Rollbar
RCI 5 point harness
Kenny Brown Subframe Connectors
99-04 GT Front Brakes
Stainless Braided Brake Lines
FRPP 5 Lug Conversion
Rear Upper and Lower Control Arms
Flaming River Manual Rack
Lakewood Driveshaft Loop


Aeromotive SS series Fuel Pump
Aeromotive SS series Fuel Pressure Regulator
-8 AN Braided Steel Feed line
-8 AN Braided Steel Return line
Sumped Factory Fuel Tank
Mallory 685 Digital Ign Module
MSD Blaster Coil
MSD Pro Billet distributor
MSD Plug Wires
NGK Plugs
Aluminum 3 Core Radiator
Electric Fans
Edelbrock Victor Waterpump
Renegade racing battery relocation kit


Harwood Cowl Hood
Hood Pins
Mustang GT Spoiler
Summit Racing Seats
Autometer Pro Comp Ultralite Tach
Autometer Pro Comp Ultralite Speedometer
Autometer Pro Comp Ultralite Full Sweep Fuel Pressure
Autometer Pro Comp Ultralite Short Sweep Fuel Level
Autometer Pro Comp Ultralite Short Sweep Water Temp
Autometer Pro Comp Ultralite Short Sweep Oil Pressure
Autometer Pro Comp Ultralite Short Sweep Volts
Autometer Pro Comp Nitrous Pressure

Power Adder

Wilson Manifolds Nitrous Plate Kit (single stage 50-300)
Wilson Manifolds WOT switch
NX Purge
NOS blowdown tube
NOS bottle heater
NOS nitrous bottle with super high flo valve

12.2 @ 117.. 2.4 60 ft (on motor)

389rwhp@6050, 384rwtq@4700 NA on a mustang dyno

edit: sold.T
2015 GT

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I would say stick to the basics, arp bolts arent making ya go faster, or gauges. Otherwise its gonna be a loooong ass post >> mtr/trans/power adder and times.. ?
ALL OUT AUTOMOTIVE Support Your Local Speed ShopVORTECH Top Tier Dealer/Installer ~Harris Motorsports~Fusion Fab~ Dealer for trick flow,upr,summit,moser,keystone,mickey T. BIG STUFF 3, Moran Injection, Trans Specialties, FAST !
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The T-bird guy
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1995 Thunderbird
originally had a 4.6L/4R70W/heavy car.

Still running stock heads, cam, and intake 351W from an 85 F150.
Edelbrock 600cfm Carb.
2" carb spacer
Mallory Unilte Dizzy
MSD TFI coil.
Accel wires.
Moroso Electric water pump
7 quart Moroso oil pan.
1 5/8 Longtubes
2 1/2" exhuast(about 12 inches) into dumped Edelbrock mufflers.
Aluminum 2 row radiator
2, 14" E-fans.
Under drives only on the crank and alternator(only accessory I run).

C6 tranny.
Stock truck stall.
QA1 coil overs up front.
4:10 track lock rear
MT 26x8.5x15" slicks.
More weight is now down to 2,960 lbs.

It ran a best of 13.85 @96.42 mph w/ a best 60' @ 1.88, and best 1/8 was 8.79 @ 78.33 mph.

My best guess on HP is around 175 RWHP.
Torque would probably be around 280 to the wheels.

As of late, I have been removing more weight from the car, I have a cam and intake to go on, a new fuel system, and 5 gallon fuel cell.



60th member of BDRA

Talk is cheap!

Take your car to the track and PROVE your point!

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unfortunately, i dont have that long of a list:
1995 Gt convertible

CHP 331 stroker
forged crank, rods, pistons
DSS Main support
Canton 7qt pan
Trick Flow TW heads
FRPP roller rockers 1.6
MSD Distributor
Taylor plug wires

BBK Chrome shorties
Custom side exhaust, 2 chamber flowmasters

two-tone Katzkin leather interior
Cobra front bumper
Smoked headlights
Ultra Clear foglights

my best guesses to HP and track times:
~260 rwhp, probably a decent bit more torque
~mid to high 13 quarter
never been to track or dyno with current mods, so just an educated guess.

and yes i know, in the pictures with the engine on the hoist the valve covers are on the wrong side, just had them on temporarily to keep stuff out

95 GT vert, 331, DART SHP, Vortech V2-Si
2018 Explorer Sport, Livernois

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*This pic was taken right after being tuned, and the cardboard was only there during tuning because "fan wash" was spiking the voltage of the MAF. Ive had a true heat shield installed since then.


-Stock 302 shortblock
-Edelbrock Performer intake
-AFR 165 non emissions head
-Trick Flow Stage 1 Cam .498/.510
-Manley 6.300" and 6.400" Pushrods
-Trick Flow 1.7 Roller Rockers
-90mm Lightning MAF
-FMS 65mm Throttle Body
-FMS 30# Injectors
-JLT Air Intake
-Pioneer SFI Balancer
-MSD 8.5mm Plug Wires
-Stock Distributor w/ Mallory TFI
-Prothane Motor Mounts (Do not recommend if you have stock hood)
-PA Performance 180amp Alternator w/ smallest pulley available from PA
-March Underdrive Pullies on Crank and W/P
-Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump


-BBK Unequal Shorties
-BBK O/R H-pipe
-Flowmaster American Thunder Catback


-Stock T5 w/ Hurst Shifter
-Stock Flywheel
-Maximum Motorsports Quadrant/Adjuster/Cable Kit
-King Cobra 10.5" Clutch
-3.73" Rear Gear w/ Extra Pack


-Dropzone Springs 1/2 Coil Off Fronts
-KYB GR2 Shocks/Struts
-Maximum Motorsports Endlinks
-Maximum Motorsports Bumpsteer Kit
-Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates
-Maximum Motorsports Polyurethane Sway Bar Bushings
-Maximum Motorsports Polyurethane Steering Rack Bushings
-GMS Upper Control Arms
-GMS Lower Control Arms

No clue on times as I am not someone who likes going to the track..I havent been there since doing the motor and dont plan to.

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Set sail
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1993 Mustang 5.0 LX Hatch (Vibrant Red)

Stock 302
TFS heads/Stage 1 cam/TF intake
24lb inj.

BBK Headers
BBK O/R X pipe
Flowmaster 2.5 cats dumped

Aod (t5 swap in progress)
shift kit
3k stall

Competition Engineering 3 way shocks
alum d/s

MSD digital 6
electric fan
255 w/ external

clean and all original

Power Adder

MWRFHC fo' life.
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That Guy
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1993 Mustang GT


333 Cu in
SVO R Block, Eagle Crank / Rods, JE Pistons
Solid Roller
AFR 205s
Edelbrock Victor EFI
Vortech YSI Supercharger

Fuel System:
83 LB Injectors
Aeromotive Sumped Tank
Aeromotive regulator
Aeromotive 7/8" I.D. Rails
Twin Pierburg Pumps

AEM EMS, AEM Injector Driver, Dual AEM Wideband

Tremec TKO 600
Mcleod Street Twin Clutch
Motorsports Aluminum Driveshaft

1 3/4" Mac shorties
2.5" Bassani X-pipe
dynomax ultraflo catback


MM Tubular K Member, A arms, Coil overs, Tokico Shocks
Wild Rides subframe connectors, battle boxes
UPR dbl adj rear uppers and lowers

93 GT
66 Coupe

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Slave 2 the paperwork...
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1994 GT Vert
372 RWHP from last owners dyno sheet. Havent had it to the Dyno yet.

Power Adder
Vortech V-1 S-Trim 12lb pulley

Stock Bottom End
Port & Polished Stock heads
3 Angle Valve Job
1.7 R.R.
Stock Cam
Extrude Hone Upr & Lwr Intake's
65mm BBK TB
70mm Mass Airflow
SuperChips 4 bank Tune

Fuel & Ignition
30lb Injectors
Kirban Regulator
MSD Blaster Coil

JBA Shorty's
Flowmaster 2 Chambers

Tokico 5-Ways

Built T-5
Luk's Pro Gold Clutch
FMS 3.73's
Saleen Diff Cover
Hurst Short Throw

17x9.5 Cobra Replicas
275 Front 285 Rear
1/4" Spacer in Rear
S-351 Wing
Saleen Styling Bar

White Face Guages
Autometer Boost/ Fuel
AEM Wideband
LED Conversion
Alpine Head Unit
MQ Quartz Speakers
JBL 12"
Precision Power 6 Channel
AZ- Importing Californians since 1992

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I will add a pic of the engine and some updates interior pics soon



Rebuilt at 85K
has 120K now
(lightly Home Ported)GT40 Iron Heads
Cobra upper/lower
70mm throttle body
MAF conversion
FMS 38lb injectors with matching 80mm Pro-M
Polished Vortech V1 S-Trim
Anderson PowerPipe
8" crank pulley / 3.15 headunit pulley (aprox 15psi)
FRPP wires w/ NGK TR6's
HD water pump with 1993 Cobra pulley
Summit chrome headers
O/R H Pipe
Flowmaster American thunder
A/C delete
Electric fan with thermo/relay


Maf converted
Anderson PMS with 3bar map (tuned by me)

01 GT front/back seats (Pics are old)
New Black Carpet
02GT steering Wheel
Autometer Boost gauge
PLX Wideband

255lph intank
T5 with king cobra clutch
87-93 Upgraded front brakes
Lakewood 70/30 front struts
Kyb AGX adjustable Rear shocks
BBK lowering springs

With fuel issues on the dyno it made 365rwhp and 395rwtq(18* total timing) at 11psi and only taking it to 5000rpm.

Need to redyno but now run 15psi and 21* should make quite a bit more
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times are at the bottom in my sig.

The set up is simple, ghetto, and low buck. Things are changing though and I will edit this post as they do.

Motor: Stock 88 5.0, underdrives.

Induction: Stock speed density with K&N panel filter, no silencer.

Fuel System: Adjustable regulator.

Exhaust: MAC unequal shorties, MAC O/R H pipe, Flowmaster 2 chamber catback.

Drivetrain: Hurst shifter, Centerforce clutch, steel bearing retainer, overpacked factory diff with 3.73s.

Suspension/Chassis: Subframes, BMR LCAs, Edelbrock adjustable UCAs, stock springs, no front sway bar, Monroe cheap ass shocks and struts. Please note that track times in sig are with 100% stock suspension.

Body mods: It came with a cheap Macco/Earl Schieb paint job and has not been altered at all.

Interior: Oil pressure, water temp, tach, all Autometer Sport Comp. Jaz plastic buckets, Holcomb seat mounts(great product ) Sony Xplod stereo(came with car, it works so I don't mess with it)

Tires/wheels: Nitto Drs in back (too big), skinnys up front, Weld Draglites...15x3.5 and 15x8
I am the first race in this vid.....getting my ass handed to me by a twin turbo Vette
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88LX Notch: 13.22@103.6mph 1.75 60' SOLD
2000 GT: SOLD
1970 GMC K1500: It kept on truckin'
2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubihara SOLD
2012 328xi coupe:fake balla
1990 diesel suburban: inner red neck

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I hate YOUR hood
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most of my mods are in my sig. i have reduced a lot of weight off of this, and tried to get it "'bare bones" i need to get a good shot of the interior, and the engine, once it's between the fenders. i pic up my cam, springs, pushrods tomarrow. then i can assemble the engine, and get it in there.

more pics to come!
[IMG]new pic coming soon.[/IMG]408 Windsor.
SRP 19cc dish pistons, Eagle crank/rods,10.5:1 comp. .576 lift hydrauilic roller, MSD 6AL+Dizz, Moroso 7 quarter, 1/2" fuel lines, 750 edelbrock carb, BBK 1 7/8" LT's, Roush 200cc 2.05x1.90 heads. Victor Jr intake, 120Gph Mallory pump. Autometere's, sub frames, tube uppers, sportlines, 3:73's, 3091 lbs SN. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life! John 14:6. pm me for more info!!
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Do What?
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1991 Mustang 5.0 LX Hatch

Stock 302
Trickflow heads/Stage 1 cam/Trickflow intake
24lb inj.

Flowtech equal length shorty Headers
Summit racing H-Pipe
Flowmaster 2 chamber Catback

4.10 Gears

Steeda LCA
can't remember the brand of UCA
MM full length sub frame connectors
FMS Aluminum driveshaft

Power Adder

Best run
R/T 0.310

60' 1.761

330' 4.996

1/8 7.617

MPH 94.35

1000' 9.880

1/4 11.872

MPH 111.41

Vid of run
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165000 mile 302 & a B cam
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: FL
Posts: 18,006

1989 GT

351W (.030 over)
AFR 185's
Harland Sharp 1.6's
Custom grind turbo cam
TFS upper and lower
Accufab 70mm Race t.b.

Power Adder:
Master Power T70
Tial BOV
JGS 40mm waste gate
Cold side fab'd by myslef and a friend
Couplers, oil lines, etc. , supplied by

AODE built by Jake Long (Power by the Hour)
Manual valve body, transbrake, lock up convertor
B&M Hammer shifter
8.8 rear with 9" ends welded on
Strange 31 spline axles
3.27 gears
Eaton posi unit

B&G turbo headers, cross over, & down pipe
Y-pipe by me and a buddy...
Dynomax Ultra Flos

Fuel system:
Glenn's Performance sumped tank
Twin Walbro GSL392 pumps
-10 split to (2) -8 up to UPR fuel rails
-6 return
Aeromotive regulator
60# injectors

Fuel system pieced together by

Tuned via MegaSquirt II (with huge help from Darin Matera from RPS!!!)

No track times as of yet... Hopefully life will slow down a bit so I can get it to the track!

1989 GT with a few bolt ons
2005 DSG F-150

Its great - to be - a FLORIDA GATOR

For your race car needs:

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Titties & Beer
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1990 25th Anniversary 7-Up Edition 5.0

Didn't go too nuts with it. It had a few upgrades including...

-Hooker shorty headers
-2-Piece Pacesetter Off-road X-pipe
-2-Chamber Flowmasters
-Stainless 2 1/2" Tailpipes
-Cold Air Intake
-K&N Filter
-Strut Tower Brace

It still had the 2.73 highway gears with a rebuilt AOD transmission. Car ran like a champ. It has since then been sold Big mistake on my part. I would murder someone to get it back

1995 Ranger 2.3 5-spd
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Derrison birtation
Join Date: May 2003
Posts: 11,830

331 ci
TFS Twisted Wedge heads
TFS Track Heat intake
TFS Stage II Cam
30# injectors, 75mm TB, 85mm Pro-M MAF

Wolfe R/C rear LCAs
adj. QA1 shocks
adj. track bar
Lakewood 90/10 struts
Ground Pounder springs with bags
8-point cage
Full length subframe connectors

Eaton posi diff
Moser axles, 31 spline
Performance Auto Super Comp AOD (t-brake, OD lockout)

Misc garbage
MSD ignition goodies
As much lightening as I can do (2470# as of 5/20/10)
8" wheels, 10.5" Mickey Thompsons (slicks or DRs)
Babydick 75 shot, collecting dust on my shelf
4.10 gears

I think that's quite enough.

Best ET is 7.02 @ 99mph, cutting a 1.5 60'. 1/8th mile.
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just an old '92...

408.4 rwhp and 404.4 rwtq

Dyno Pull:

Idle/Walk around:

Vortech V1 S-Trim with polished Head Unit and Intake Tube
AFM Powerpipe
42lb Injectors
80mm Pro-M Meter
Trick Flow R Upper/Lower Intake
Summit Shorty Headers
Walbro 255LPH In-Tank Fuel Pump
Ported and Polished E7 Heads with 1.94 Intake and 1.60 Exhaust Valves, Crane Springs, and Bronze Valve Guides
Ford Motorsport 1.7 Roller Rockers
Ford Motorsport E-303 Cam
ARP Head Bolts
3.73 Gears
BBK X-Pipe
2-Chamber Flowmaster Mufflers
MAC Fenderwell Cold Air Intake
Hurst Shifter
Aluminum Driveshaft
Spec Stage 2+ Clutch
UPR Adjustable Clutch Quadrant
Electric Fan
Triple Gauge Pod on A-Pillar - holds Boost, Oil Pressure, and an Air/Fuel Wideband gauges

KYB Shocks
KYB Struts
Steeda Sport Springs
Steeda Aluminum Caster/Camber Plates
Hotchkis Adjustable Upper Control Arms
Hotchkis Solid Lower Control Arms
Maximum Motorsports Full Length Subframe Connectors

Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1 Subwoofers
Infinity 3022CF 3-1/2 Dash Speakers
Infinity 6822CF 6X8 Rear Speakers
Elemental Designs 6.5 e9.65i door speakers
Elemental Designs NINe.2 Amp (pushing door speakers)
Elemental Designs NINe.2x Amp (pushing subwoofers)
Alpine CD Player
Raamat Sound Deadening (inner and outer door skins, rear hatch, and spare tire well)
Wiring Assorted (Monster, Stinger, Scosche, etc)

Cobra R Hood
Ultra Clear Headlights, Markers, and Corners (amber lenses)
Ultra Clear Fog Lights
LX Tail Lights

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My junk needs paint, so no pics yet

89 LX Hatch:

Factory Long Block ( Heads in the works )
Vortech V-3 SC
65 mm Throttle body & spacer
Fluidyne Radiator
Hi-Vol water pump
1 5/8 shorts w/ BBK x-pipe
Borlas dumped @ axle
Global West rear lowers w/ BBK uppers
Sub frames
FRPP aluminum driveshaft
PA Street/Strip AOD with B&M deep pan & cooler
TCI custom 3200 stall
Cold A/C & Heater
10 holes with 275/60/15`s on back, 205/60/ 15`s on front

Just a sleepy little stop light Heartbreaker
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