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Couldn't get my car to hook at the track!

I went to the track yesterday and could not get my car to stop spinning the rear wheels. When the car had just a CAI I was digging doing 9.3 in the 1/8 mile. Now my cars has a HCI set up, with G farces in the rear and couldn't luanch if my life depended on it only doing a 10.3 sec peeling out the hole time. Car has a 5 speed T5 And 2.73 LSD rear. 1500 rpm to 2000 launches weren't happening any thing lower and the car would hop.....lag.. Then go. All in all I need some pointers please guys Thanks
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What tire was on the car?

It's basically pointless IMO to go to the track without at least a DR...

Edit- Yea put a Drag Radial on it and take the pressure down to 17 or so and go from there..
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