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and then?
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How difficult to upgrade to 351W?

I've read elsewhere that its such a headache that its not worth the effort. True? What alls needed to upgrade from a 302 to a 351 in a 94?
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Build a stroker in a Dart SHP block, you can do over 350" but I usually do a 3.25 stroke with a 4.125" bore for a 347"

Avoid all the headaches of a deck height change.
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Charles Bronson
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It's a toss up. Stock vs stock, there are conversion parts needed the fit the 351w into the car, which takes $ away from other go fast goodies

Oil Pan
Lower intake

But more HP and TQ with the extra cubes.

As mentioned, going with a 4.0 bore or larger (on either 351 based or 302 based) opens things up (unshrouds the intake valve) for better breathing and more power.

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