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Exclamation help.. v6 firing order and coil diagram

i have a 99 V6 3.8l mustang that i just changed the plugs(motocraft) and wires(8mm BWD) on. i have a ruff idle small backfire when started the dies within seconds. I have looked at the diagrams i can find and its seems i have my wires connected to the coil and right cylinder. I checked all other connections i unplugged and made sure they were all reconnected.

Heres what i see as it is

--Coil Pack sticker reads--

What am i missing? I tried taking an old wire to each spark to coil to check each wire was good and had the same luck.

Any fast responses would be greatly apprciated as i sit here in my cold a$s garage that i can close.

Thanks again,
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thanks for the reply. i finally found my problem. i had the spark plug wires right but the the wires to the coil pack got busted so thats why i had the miss fire and saw after looking at my hoses i had a hose in the wrong place causing a vaccum problem.
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