Mustangworld at LA Auto Show 2000
Photos by Glenn Moller

Part Two: The 2000 Saleen SR

What is the 2000 Saleen SR ?... well here you go :

Horsepower: 505@5400. Torque:500@3500
Saleen unibody construction with roll cage and full Saleen suspension treatment.
6-speed Saleen Transmission
351 CID Supercharged OHV 90deg. V8
Saleen Aluminum heads with stainless valves
Front suspension: Saleen independent uneven length double wishbone w/coilover springs
Rear suspension: Saleen independent rear suspension
Front Brakes: Saleen 14" rotors with 4 piston calipers (ABS).
Rear Brakes: Saleen 13" rotors with 4 piston calipers( ABS).

Saleen SR composite body pannels.
Saleen Rear mounted 22 gal fuel cell
Saleen Factory color: Pearl White

TOP Speed: 202 Mph
0-60: 4.0 Seconds
1/4 Mile: 11.8 Sec
Lateral G: 1.09
MSRP: $158,000 (MW: $158k doh!, but if you can afford one, we highly recommend it, it's so choice ;-)



Center exit exhaust

Also known as the SR "Widebody" here you can see just how much wider.

Is that roof scoop functional ? (we could not tell)


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