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TECHCO Open House

Techco Open House, Orange County, CA

Photos by Glenn & Henry Moller

Techco held their annual open house and we showed up to grab some pics.

Here is some info about Techo:

Based in Southern California, the hub of the automotive enthusiast world, TECHCO has reassembled the former Team that Designed, Developed, Tested and Certified the Saleen S7, Saleen S281 Mustangs, Saleen/Parnelli Jones Limited Edition Mustang, and Saleen S331 Sport Trucks.

As collaborators and former employees of the famed automotive company, Saleen, Inc., TECHCO’s Staff has the talent and vision to bring decades of experience into the automotive aftermarket industry by the design, development and manufacturing of ultra-high performance automotive parts and accessories. “We’ve assembled a great team from the world of specialty vehicle performance, design and manufacturing. With our skills and resources, there’s no limit to what we can provide to our customers.” stated Jimmy Moore, Director of Operations for TECHCO.

TECHCO’s vision is to supply to our customer ultra-high performance automotive parts and accessories and offer complete Engineering, Manufacturing, and full Vehicle Assembly services. TECHCO has heavily invested in engineering and manufacturing equipment to provide unmatched in-house capabilities to develop and produce truly innovative and high quality products for the Aftermarket, while maintaining low costs and reduced lead times.

The expansive 150,000 sq.ft. facility combines state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing capabilities and resources with our hands on assembly experience. In-house resources include Engine and Chassis Dynamometers, CNC Machine Shop, CMM Lab, Fabrication Shop, SLS Prototyping, CAD/CAE workstations, R&D Lab, Component Subassembly Shop, Vehicle Workshop, Customer Install Shop, and Race Team with Workshop. These extensive in-house resources ensure TECHCO’s technical excellence and market competitiveness in the Automotive Industry. “Our spacious facility allows us room to house all our engineering and manufacturing equipment in one place, resulting in fast-time to-market and the highest quality products that still deliver exceptional value to our customers.” stated Jimmy Moore, Director of Operations for TECHCO.


Check out the photos Below:






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