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Recently we had the chance to tour Brothers Performance Warehouse in Corona, CA. We also got our completely stock 2000 GT dynoed at their facility, more on that later.

Tim Gilpin, the general manager of Brothers Performance, gave us the tour...

Here we go:

They are right off the 91 freeway on 2012 Railroad St. in Corona CA. Some stangs parked outside.

There are great displays of parts and accessories for Mustangs and other cars like SUV's as well.

Cool bunch of dudes
Great thing about Brothers is that you can find people there who really know their stuff first hand and installed virtually every part available on their own stangs. Everyone there has a good attitude. Great bunch of people.

Brian Kimble's drag ride, MM&FF Prize car and IRS road racer project
Click the pics to see more.

We have some awesome project stangs in select stangs that showcase some of the rides these guys put together. From road racing to strip cars, they've done it all. We'll be keeping tabs on some of their projects from time to time.

Brothers Performance has been around for many years. They have ads in all the major Mustang Magazines and sell parts from virtually every major Mustang parts manufacturer both retail and via mail order.

They have a large inventory and stock of parts. Brakes, rims, cams, rockers, heads, oil pans, NOS, superchargers, roll cages and more. There was also an entire palette of new Ford Racing Aluminum driveshafts. We were salivating ;-)

Speedo Calibrations
They also have other special services like a full dyno and speedo calibration to name a few. Here you can have your speedo calibrated to a 180MPH version. A machine simulates a driving stang and they can make adjustments on the fly to your speedo to ensure a spot on accurate reading.

Onto the Dynojet...


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