NASA's American Iron West Series Championship and
Orange County Mustang Club's "Ponies at the Speedway" Show

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It was a great day at the track. We want to give a shout out to all the cool people we saw there. Ryan who is the chairman of NASA (racing), Tom from 5.0 magazine, Brian BBK, Tim from brothers performance,John (from open track), James (Eibach), Chuck and Chris from Maximum motorsports.. list goes on and on...

Tom from 5.0 Magazine was giving rides in his Maximum motorsports built Mustang around the track. Look for a cool article in 5.0 Magazine

We concentrated on the car show and awards ceremony. For some cool action race pics check out (yo Steve and Rob !) more pics can also be found at (what's up Scott !)

Small fiaso was 2 of the MW girls showing up too late and some MW staff missing the awards ceremony all together because they could not find where it was :-) Never the less.. it was a fun day and event !

Elise gave out the trophies and plaques to all the winners and posed for some shots.

If you were late getting your award Ryan Flaherty (NASA) had you do 10 push ups, the whole room exploded with laughs.


Some winners: Tim Gilpin (Brothers Performance) with Elise in the garage area.

John Lindsey (hey John !..)


John Lindsey (Open Track Motorsports) and Bruce Griggs (Griggs Racing) with their First place trophies.

the Orange County Mustang Club had a great show at the track (close to 200 pics on page 2)


MW's Elise in front of Dennis Hall's ride.

She liked Dennis' Mustang :-)

Maximum Motorsports had their project car at the show.

Brothers Performance had a booth with a Project Mustang


Eibach had an 03 Cobra and a Long Beach Patrol car (set up for drag racing)

More Elise (wallpapers) from the show in the MW pin-up section

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