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Review: MGW billet accessories

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GT and V6 versions

Satin Snake and First strike all metal race knobs...

"Stang" and other options on lighters...

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MGW parts: Billet Shift knobs, A/C control knobs and lighter products.

Some of you might already know MGW for machining high end professional race team / car builder suspension and other components. They also have a line of accessory parts for the Dodge Viper. They have recently extended their line of products to the Mustang SVT Cobra, GT and V6. Some of their Mustang items will fit the SVT Lightning and other Ford cars as well.

The shift knobs
The knobs install easy by just unscrewing your old knob and threading the new knob on to your shifter handle. It will fit your T5 / T45 or any standard Ford shifter thread.


For the Cobra enthusiast, a "skinned" texture is a nice touch on the outer shifter area and acts like a heat insulator from the trans heat for daily driving. MGW also has a solid aluminum shift knob for race applications. For the GT there is a shift pattern and a "GT" version.

Another nice touch is this available unique fanged Cobra snake logo machined onto the top of the shifter. The shifters are available chromed or in a satin finish, they are $45.

The billet A/C Knobs
One thing we have to note about these A/C knobs is the excellent quality of the machine job they are honestly "jewelry quality" and we saw no burrs or metal flash anywhere.


These knobs are available in a chrome or satin anodized finish. This will prevent them from yellowing or oxidizing with use in the stang.


Installation is extremely easy, simply pop off your old A/C knobs and put the new ones on. Probably an under 1 minute install :-) These knobs are available for $55 per set, for the price, they are quality "real" billet units.

A/C knobs in satin finish

A/C knobs in Chrome finish.

These A/C knobs will fit any standard Ford application that uses similar controls to the Mustang. Just for comparison, here is what they look like on the viper.

The Eject button
Many people will never use their lighter for the life of their stangs, so why not turn it into an "eject" button like a jet fighter ?

Here the lighter fits in the coin tray area (94 - 97) or near the shifter area (98 and on). Shown in Chrome finish.

"SVT" lighter in Satin finish. A "GT" version also available. Fits SVT lightning also.

In case you DO use your lighter, these are fully functional lighters. They simply replace your stock lighter. These are available for $22.

Here an eject button added to our 2000 GT :-)

All the items are available direct through MGW Ltd from their website or via phone at (706) 793-1770.

MGW has plans for machined exhaust tips door sills plate frames and more for the Mustang.

Till next time - See ya on the street ! - MW

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