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Billet E Brake Handle and Light Knob

Review: MGW billet accessories

The Knob and Handle
MGW has once again created some unique parts to jazz up your stang. They have created a billet e-brake handle cover and head light switch to compliment their other accessories (AC knobs, shifter, etc).

The billet headlight switch replacement can be had in Chrome or in Satin finish. Price $20

The E-brake handle cover can also be had in chrome or satin. Chrome shown on page 2 (Satin finish above). Price $25

Removing the Factory Light knob

Take your time, you'll never need to do this again :-)

Removing the factory light knob is something that you need to get used to :-) We mentioned a few years back when we installed our white face gauges on our 96 GT the frustration. Since then we've removed quite a few knobs and noticed some come off easy and some require more work. Basically using a bent nail or something where you can get leverage to pull a clip. Above we used an allen wrench. You want to pull the knob as you pull the wrench back and off (both at the same time and same direction). It may take a while, but eventually the factory knob will come off.

The new MGW light knob secures with a set screw (thank god :-). It can be removed and re-installed quickly for future install work on the pod.

The "light" symbol is on the new knob. We again have to note the excellent craftsmanship with these parts. No metal chips, burrs or metal flash anywhere. A very nice part.

Here showing the switch and you can see the MGW AC knobs in the background


Let's Check out the E-Brake Handle
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