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Grille Emblem, License Plate & Door Pins

Review: MGW billet accessories

The Grille Emblem
If you want to give your stang a new look, MGW is offering these new Grille emblems. They are CNC machined from solid 1 inch thick aluminum and then hard chrome plated.

MGW Grille Emblem

Installation is very easy, simply remove the chrome ring around the horse and cut the horse out and insert the MGW emblem and you are set.

MGW includes a padded allen wrench so you won't scratch the emblem. Use it to tighten down 4 set screws up and down

And one on each side of the emblem.

Finshed install.

You can get the in "V6" and "GT" logos. More coming soon. They are $65 for the chrome plated and a black anodized for $55 soon.

License Plate Frame

They are CNC machined from 1/2" thick aluminum plate with either "Mustang" or "Cobra" logos machined on the bottom and GT or SVT badging on the sides.

The cool thing is it comes with a tamper proof screw / bit set so that you have peace of mind that it will stay in place.

They are $65 and that includes the tamper proof bit and screws.

Door Pins

Shown in chrome and Satin finish. Shown in up position.

You can add to the MGW look by getting the matching door pins. One thing we are amazed with every time we see this stuff is that we check for machine flash, burrs, areas of non-finish and find none. They are flawless and made very well.

Installation is very easy, just unscrew the stock pins and put these on. They fit well just as is, but you can take the included allen wrench and tighten them on.

Here we are tighenting the set screw. Shown in down position.

They fit in our Ford econoline Van as well !

They are $15 per pair including the allen wrench.

For more info you can visit MGW billet accessories

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