'99 35th Anniversary GT (street pics)

Photos by Mustangworld.
Written by Mustangworld.

One block over from the building (We're on Newport Blvd.) is a Ford dealer (Theodore Robbins Ford on Harbor Blvd.) Every time we go out and eat we pass the dealership and look on the lot. Well this time parked on the street was the 35th anniversary Mustang GT in black, which caught our eyes. If you are ever down there tell em we sent ya!

After Glenn dropped his Santa Fe Beef Gordita. He got out and nabbed a few pics (with a cheap digital camera) so here they are.

Here's a few pics we grabbed of a 35th Anniversary special edition Mustang:

We were rolling down the street and low and behold a black 35th GT, special edition Mustang! Wing !

Yes they are shipping and on the streets. Notice the black honeycomb inlaid blackout. Hard to notice because the car is also black, but it's there. Oh and that wing is a nice factory touch.

Blackout rear.
The hood scoop also part of the 35th package. Hood scoop

We did notice however that it is very obvious (though not from this photo) that this thing is nonfunctional.

I can see people possibly removing this insert and making look more like an actual scoop :-)

Blocked hood scoop
Side scoops are also added, also plugged with plastic inserts. But pretty nice. side scoop

Yes, our pony inserts fit on the '99 special anniversary rims, but they are already black. This rim cap is special to the '99 GT 35th anniversary (with the indented horse) vs the raised horse logo standard on the 17" GT rim option.


ZR rated tires on the '99 35th GT. As you can see here. Eagle ZR 45's

Front view. Front View
Here's one at more of a distance. Standing in the middle of Harbor Blvd :-) Side view

All in all, it looks very sweet, very impressive. Thumbs up for how it looks in real life from us !

Though our only complaint is the hood scoop looking obviously "plugged" up. We can see removing the plastic scoop insert for a better look and making the scoop more realistic.


That it.. Till next time...

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