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Bob's Steeda Bullitt

This is my 2001 Steeda Bullitt. It's a double certified car, and the only one ever built. I picked up Bullitt 00039/Steeda 2001-69 at the Steeda HQ in Pompano Beach, FL on August 9th. I just hit 1,500 miles and the motor is starting to break in nicely. It's a blast to drive. An absolute rocket.

Steeda mods:

Vortech supercharger
Ultra Cool radiator
Bassani exhaust
Upper/lower control arms
Steeda Sport Springs
Caster camber plates
G-Trac brace
Subframe connectors and cross brace connectors
Tri-Ax shifter
3.73 with Auburn differential
Aluminum driveshaft
Upgraded brake pads and stainless lines



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