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Steve's LX 5.0

This car is one of those old-lady stories you hear about. An elderly woman owned it in South Florida. Apparently she traded her Lincoln in on it after her husband died. I guess the salesman saw her coming.

At any rate, this is basically how it looked when she got it (aside from the Welds and chromed pipes) and why I’m choosing to leave it stock outside. This is original paint (garage kept) and only has 24k original miles!!

The lenses are original, I just replaced the factory belt… Hell even the battery is original. How about this one? I have the cargo-net still in the bag and original locking-lugs unopened in the bag with the spare donut! And the original spark-plug wires are being replaced this weekend. Anyway… here’s what’s done that you can’t see:


Nothing really yet.
Fuel Pressure Guage (mounted in Cowl)
Smog pump eliminator
73mm Mass Air Sensor
Moroso Cold Air Induction Kit
3-core radiator (original 2-core had like 10,000 pinhole leaks from age)

Drivetrain (here’s where it’s at):

It’s an Automatic conversion (old lady remember?)
Tremec TKO
Pro 5.0 for the TKO
Spec Stage 2 Clutch
Aluminum Driveshaft
POSI rear-end
3:73 gears
Aluminum differential cover
Moser 31-Spline axles
Weld 15”s (255 out back and 3-½” Mickey Thompsons up front)


MAC Longtube headers
MAC ProChamber H-Pipe
MAC 2 Chamber mufflers w/ chromed tips
(makes for a very nice sounding alternative to your typical Flowmaster setup – no disrespect at all)


(very basic – just wanted to hear the radio over the exhaust)
Kenwood single-disc deck
Kenwood 6-disc changer
Kenwood 4x75 Amp
Infiniti Reference 6-½”s
Infiniti Reference 3-½”s
Boston Accoustic 5x7”s
Bazooka Reference 6-½” 80-watt amplified tube

I’m debating on port/polishing the intake manifolds and/or the heads. I may go new aluminum heads but I want to keep the original manifolds because the car is in such rare condition. I really may just leave the car as it is right now because it has enough torque for me and I’m really happy with it! After the exhaust was installed I dyno’d it and it has 212 rwhp and 268 foot lbs of torque at the wheels. Nothing spectacular, but she holds her own.

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