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Craig's 2003 GT

This is my GT, I wasn’t a fan of the stock look of my car, and so I decided to buy/install a saleen body kit. I love the look of the saleen kit, and I think it looks really good on the car.

I went with the black saleen style rims from wheelreplicas just cause they are different. There’s not to many black on black cars out there, and I like that.

I am 20 and I love my car, my family owns 4 mustangs, including a 1965 fastback, we have a passion for mustangs you could say. I also run and maintain a mustang forum @

My Mods

Saleen body kit
Black Saleen style replica wheels 18'9 front 18'10 rear
Magnaflow Magnapack exhaust
Saleen progressive rate springs
Steeda tri-ax
15% window tint

Power adder in the future, I plan on staying with a black theme throughout the car.

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