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Mike J's 03 V6
Grand Island, NY

My name is Mike, I'm 22 years old. My Mustang is a 2003 Sonic Blue V6, T5 Trans.
-TSW 16x7 Volcano Hyper Black Wheels
-Kumho Ecsta Rubber
-Flowmaster Dual Pipes
-K&N Drop in
-Owned since Dec 2004

Mustangworld is the best site on the internet. You guys Rock ! Go Sabers !

The pics of the Saleen S7 and Ford GT were taken at the Saratoga Springs Auto Museum in Saratoga Springs NY.

The Saleen is owned by Steve Saleen. Anyone who has not seen it in person, must see it, it's sick ! Go to Saratoga Springs Auto Museum online to get info on the Museum. Thank you fellow Mustang Owners.



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