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My friends and I have a Mustang Club named StreetStangz located in upstate New York & our website is “”. We are a pretty new club and hoping to grow and really enjoy hanging out together and cruising our hot stangz. We recently had a road trip down to CJ Pony Parts in Harrisburg, Pa.

It took us approximately 3 hours to get there, but it was totally fun and worth it. CJ’s is a great shop and treated us to a tour of their whole facility, including the junk stang paddock. We were very please to see all they had to offer and how genuine they were about their love of Mustangs also. So, I would like to say thanks to CJ’s, it was fun and we will do it again.

Along our trip, we basically had fun just cruising together as a group, drawing lots of attention and on occasion having other Mustangs join in, just out of no where. We had 6 stangz total, me (1996 Cobra), my wife Cindy (2004 Sonic Blue Convertible), Jeff (Red 99 GT), Ray (White 97 GT), Lee (2001 Black Convertible) & Eric (2006 Black Coupe).

I have to say Mustang lovers are a great bunch of people and we all share a universal love for the great American muscle machine…lol.

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