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Jarred's 2003 Roush Stage 1

Jarred (J.A.R.) has an '03 stage 1 with Stage 3 options.

Mods to date:

* Mustang Running Free
* window tint (Tri-tek pro in Garland, TX)
* BMW M3 racing mirrors (arriving in 2 days)

Roush options
* Roush Racing Pedals
* Roush Short Shifter
* Roush Floor Mats
* Roush stage 3 front fascia w/body and side exit exhaust
* Roush Tool Box
* Roush 17 inch argent (optional Chrome)
* Roush suspension
* Steeda Pedals
* (Standard Options through Ford: Leather Interiorw/power seat, Mach Premium Sound w/speed volume, Traction

Control, Speed Control and Acceleration/Deccelaration, and etc.)

Future Mods

* Roush Foglamp system
* xenon system
* cobra oem taillights
* on-dash dvd
* coldair intake system.
* Roush Upgraded Leatherette

Love the website. Keep up the good work!


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