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Gary Hansen’s ’03 Mustang V6
a.k.a “Knucklehead11”
Willis, TX

Okay guys, I get enough slack on here for having a V6… but at least I don’t have my old ’91 Honda Accord anymore, haha…


Back in mid-August, 2006, I picked up my 2003 V6 Mustang, the first (and obviously only) Mustang I’ve owned so far. It’s by far very slow and would suck at the track, haha… but I still love it. I started out my thing for Mustangs when my mom bought her 2000 V6 back in 2001. But anyway, back to my “beast.” ;) I bought her with just over 55k miles on the odometer, automatic transmission (bleh… but it’s a daily driver so it’s okay with me), black exterior on dark charcoal interior, etc.

Shortly after buying my car, some idiot thought it’d be funny to shoot the car, so I got that fixed at a grand cost of $1200 (eek!). She’s fixed up now though.

So far all the mods on my baby are purely cosmetic and audio-related, so I’m still rockin’ the factory 190 HP (uhmm woot?) ;) But the performance bug will bite soon, hopefully. Okay, so on to what it has:

-Pioneer DEH-P6700MP stereo deck
-Pioneer SIR-PNR1 SIRIUS tuner
-Sony CDX-454RF 10-disc changer (which might be getting removed soon)

-Mach 1 grille delete
-MW Speedshop vinyl bumper inserts
-“3.8” rear deck badge (to glorify the awesomeness under the hood, right? Haha…)

-California Scents “Coronado Cherry” air freshener (haha)

As always… the future REALISTIC mods list:

-some cold air intake, obviously
-dual exhaust setup of some sort (for sure will be using Spintech mufflers, but not sure what model)
-future T-5 swap (when the 4R70W decides to take a dump on me)
-maybe 4.10 gears or a GT rear swap, haven’t decided yet

-polished 17”X9” 03/04 Cobra wheels
-lowering springs (which ones I use and what drop, I’m undecided on at the moment)
-GT rear bumper (to allow for the future exhaust setup)
-stainless steel inserts for the new bumper
-various paint and body repairs and touchups
-possible “SLO PNY” vanity plate, but undecided
-addition of fog lights, and eventual conversion to a bi-xenon headlight setup, and HID fog lights

-Redline Goods Italian leather shift and e-brake boots
-possible addition of silver-painted center trim like found on the Mach 1
-possible white-faced gauges
-Mustang signature logo floor mats (current rockin’ free dealer cheapo mats)

-front component setup (most likely Kenwood but still undecided)
-rear 6”X8” coaxial setup (Kenwood definitely)
-one 12” subwoofer (brand undecided)
-possible head unit replacement to a newer Pioneer or Premier unit

And for the ones who 100% despise the V6, don’t worry… my next Mustang will be a Terminator convertible ;) and keep the V6 as a daily driver. Until then, I’ll keep enjoying my current Stang. Adios…

For more information, pictures, videos, and the updates to follow, visit my website:

Oh yeah… MW > * ;)




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