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New TECHCO Reverse‐Revolution Twin Screw Supercharger for 3V Mustangs

Anaheim, California ‐ TECHCO, “The Technology Company” releases its 3.0L Reverse‐ Revolution Twin Screw Supercharger for ALL 3V S197 Mustangs.

TECHCO announces the release of their flagship 3.0L Reverse‐Revolution Twin Screw Supercharger for the 2005‐Current Ford Mustang 4.6L 3V. TECHCO engineered a 3.0L Twin Screw Supercharger from scratch and
designed the reverse rotor lobes to allow for a front inlet induction. This revolutionary Supercharger was first debuted for Dodge 6.1L and 5.7L HEMI engines last year. The TECHCO Supercharger Kit for the Mustang utilizes the largest Supercharger (3.0L) and Intercooler System (118.4 in2 ) with the most horsepower (525hp) per lb of boost available on the market today.

“ The ground up design is advanced in every way, from the in‐house manufacturing of our Reverse Revolution rotor screws, front intake system, long high flow runners, stand alone 8 rib drive system, and our patented dual A‐Frame Intercooler system, no area of the supercharger was overlooked and taken for granted.

This is a complete rethink and clean sheet design that will take the industry by storm” says Bill Tally Chief Engineer for TECHCO. “Our TECHCO Twin Screw Supercharger Kit for the Mustang is the culmination of everything we’ve learned in design and development since we first began supercharging the modular Mustang engines more than a decade ago. With our large 3.0L displacement Supercharger, the instant throttle‐on Boost is amazing and a real Blast to drive!” Says John Spruill, Vice President of Engineering for TECHCO.

What makes the TECHCO 3.0L Reverse‐Revolution Twin Screw Supercharger so revolutionary is the unique design (Patent Pending), which optimizes airflow efficiency throughout. Incoming air is fed into the front of the supercharger, not the back like conventional designs. This ensures that the incoming air has minimal turns, eliminating restrictions, before entering into the supercharger housing.

Additionally, without the need for a complex inlet tube, the largest possible orifice size is maintained, maximizing airflow efficiencies. The air then flows into the lobes of the Reverse‐Revolution asymmetric multi‐lobe compressor screws, where it is compressed, not merely moved, as in other forms of supercharging. The compressed air then flows into the intercooler housing which houses (2) intercoolers, mounted in an A‐ Frame configuration to ensure the airflow is evenly distributed to each runner bank.

The Patent Pending Twin Intercooler design results in higher cooling capacity and greater thermal efficiencies as the cooling water only has to pass through the intercoolers once, keeping the charge air cool. A further benefit of the front Inlet Design is the additional package space above the supercharger that is used for long high flow Intake Runners, which increases low end torque. The resulting design of The TECHCO Reverse‐Revolution Twin Screw Supercharger allows air to move through the supercharger quickly and efficiently, without significant heat buildup, and at the highest resulting airflow volume and air density at low boost output. The performance result is maximized horsepower and torque output.

Key Features of The TECHCO Reverse‐Revolution Twin Screw Supercharger™:
• Reverse‐Revolution Twin Screw Compressor with Asymmetric Multi‐Lobe Screws
• 3.0L / 180 cu. in. Displacement
• Front Inlet Induction with Integrated Bypass
• 12 Inch Long High Flow Intake Runners
• Dual Stage Intercooler System with Single‐Pass Coolant Flow through the (2) A‐Frame Intercoolers
(118.4 Sq. Inch area), Large Capacity Heat Exchanger, High Volume Intercooler Pump and Recovery
• Open Element Cold Air Kit with High‐Flow Air Filter, Billet Aluminum Venturi and High Flow Inlet T
• 100mm Billet Aluminum MAFS Housing
• High Volume Extruded Aluminum Fuel Rails with upgraded fuel injectors
• Separate 8‐Rib FEAD (Front End Accessory Drive)
• Ultra‐Light Weight Aluminum Extrusions utilized throughout the design
• Diablo Predator Flash Programmer with TECHCO Calibration
• Detailed Instruction Manual

Dodge/Chrysler: All 5.7L/6.1L Challenger/Charger/Magnum/300C
Ford: All 4.6L 3V Mustang
GM: All C5/C6 Corvette (End of 1st Qtr 09’)

TECHCO is now taking orders for The TECHCO Reverse‐Revolution Twin Screw Supercharger™ kit for February Deliveries. Call us directly at (714) 408‐9550 to speak with one of our Sales specialists.

3125 E. Coronado St. Anaheim, CA. 92806 Ph. (714) 408‐9550 Fx.714‐237‐0920


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