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Impulse Engineering Big Brake Kit

iMPULSE Engineering in conjunction with Wilwood Brakes is pleased to announce the release of their COMPLETE big brake kit for all model Ford Mustangs years 2005 and up.

The iMPULSE kit contains Wilwood’s W6A forged six piston calipers matched with 14” rotors capable of delivering the stopping power required of aggressive street / track combination vehicles and competition machines.

The W6A body is the product of FEA computer design and stress flow forging technology. The results are a caliper with superior clamping efficiency and ultimate strength against fatigue, stresses, and distortion under load.

The W6A maintains its ultra high performance and reliability with its stainless steel pistons, which are used for its high resistance to corrosion and low thermal conductivity that reduces the heat transfer from the pads. This is further enhanced with SRS bridge plates, snap-ring locked pad retainer pins, and recessed two-piece bleed screw assemblies.

iMPULSE’s big brake kit comes entirely complete. The kit contains:

*W6A Wilwood Forged 6-psiton Caliper
*14” Two piece rotors – Available Slotted/Drilled/Both
*Stainless Steel Lines
*Street or Track Brake Pads
*ARP Mounting Studs
*7075 Billet Mounting Bracket

The kit is available as a complete front and rear set to maintain more balanced brake bias, or as separate front only and rear only sets. MSRP front system is $3,000, and MSRP rear system is only $1,900. MSRP for front and rear package is $4,825. Available in five colors: silver, black, red, yellow, and blue. Simple bolt on installation, NO modification required. The kit is compatible with ABS and OE master cylinder output. Additional wheel clearance is required to accommodate increased size of caliper.



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