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As part of our company tour series, we plan to visit some excellent manufacturers in the aftermarket industry throughout the new year. Today we feature Prototype Concepts / Kaminari in Fountain Valley.

You might remember our exclusive article from SEMA 99 featuring the new 2000 Kaminari body kit. Well, Kaminari is only a few minutes from the building (in Newport / Costa Mesa). So we wanted to give readers an inside look at the company. They do a whole lot more than just body kits.

Kaminari has been around since 1980 producing body kits, wings, etc. Recently they were taken over by Prototype concepts, inc, who produces everything from theme park rides to million dollar telescope structures.

We talked to President Peter Morley, who himself has been involved in professional rally car racing (racer), engineering, design and fabrication. We also talked to Ben Wong and Pat Vasquez of Kaminari.

First let's look at some concept drawings that led up to the production of the new body kit. Dan Ellis, Pasadena Art School grad, has been designing in the auto industry for many years. He was part of Taurus design team and many other projects. When Kaminari was looking to do a body kit for the new Mustang, Dan came up with some concepts.

Eventually the final design looked like this on the new Mustang, you can see more of this kit in our SEMA 99 feature.

Note: We are taking pre-orders for this Mustang kit (via the MW Speedshop). For those interested in discount prices from us, email:

Let's take a look inside the factory


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