Taking up the slack in your accelerator pedal
(99 and 2000 models)

Article sent in by David MacCallum

You may have not noticed, but there is a lot of slack built into your Mustang's accelerator pedal. To see how much, lift up on the accelerator pedal. You should be able to lift it by about 1 inch. For some reason, Ford made the accelerator pedal much deeper than the brake and clutch. This makes it extremely difficult if not impossible to do heel and toe driving. It also increases the odds that you are not achieving wide open throttle when you mash the pedal because the floor gets in the way.

A simple solution exists. You can take up the slack in the pedal by buying a 13 cent hollow nylon spacer - available at just about any hardware store. Also buy 2 small hose clamps.

Photo of Gas Pedal linkage

How to install:

You will need a flashlight and a socket set with a screwdriver that accepts sockets on the end. You can alternatively use a large screwdriver but it is very difficult to reach with both arms under the dash while trying to tighten a hose clamp that you can barely get a hold of (watch out for cramps!!)

Unhook the throttle cable in the engine compartment by pushing the plastic throttle body linkage all the way forward then slide the cable out of its slot. This will allow the cable under the dash of your car to fall down about 8 inches where it is MUCH easier to work on.

Using a razor blade tool, cut a piece out of the side of the 1" nylon spacer. You will need to make the cut much wider at one end because the cable linkage has a metal stop attached to the end.

Fit the nylon spacer over the cable then slide both hose clamps over the spacer and tighten. It is much easier if you tighten the hose clamps so they fit almost flush over the nylon spacer before you put them on.

Tighten the hose clamps and that is it!

Gas Pedal is now nearly even with the other pedals

Your accelerator pedal should now be about 1/2 inch lower than the brake pedal. Now wide open throttle does not interfere with the carpeting at all. - Dave

Note: This can also be done in other model year stangs, it was mentioned 99 - 00 because we noticed the pedal a little low. - MW

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