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'96 - '97 4.6L V8 & 3.8L V6 AIR INTAKE SILENCER REMOVAL.

One FREE thing you can do to your Mustang to gain some "pep" is to remove the air intake silencer.  This is located on the passenger side of the engine compartment. It is a rubber molded piece that extends off the plastic air filter housing. It extends into the fender well about 7" or so.

Air intake silencer location.

 The picture above shows the location of the air intake silencer on a 3.8L V6 engine. The location is exactly the same on the 4.6L SOHC V8 engine. I'm pointing at it with my finger.

1.) First un-latch the air filter assembly, 2 latches on the 3.8L V6, one large "top" latch on the 4.6L SOHC.

2.) Unscrew the bolt that holds the air filter in place. There is only one bolt. It can be seen in the above photo. Use a socket set & wrench.

3.) Lift out the entire plastic air filter assembly. The assembly is held in place at the bottom with 2 large rubber grommets. On the 3.8L there is a plastic tab at the bottom of the assembly that holds it to the MAS Air assembly, lift up and out, not forward. On the 4.6L SOHC the metal latch is attached to and comes out with the air filter assembly. Lifting it straight up was easiest for me. The rubber intake hose can bend slightly to accommodate this procedure. Make sure you don't cut or pull loose any MAS Air sensor wires when doing this.

4.) Separate the "rubber" intake silencer from the "plastic" air filter housing. Just pull it loose.

'96 Air Silencer "removed".

 By removing the air silencer you more than double the size of the outer intake port on your Mustang. With this thing in place, it's like trying to breathe with puckered lips.

5.) Re-assemble the air filter cover. Re-secure the air filter to the MAS air assembly, insure a proper seal, don't force anything . Drop the air filter housing back down, securing the two large rubber grommets at the bottom of the air filter housing. Re- latch the air filter housing to the MAS air assembly. Re-bolt it back in place (single bolt at the top) .

6.) Wash your hands, then drive ! Oh.. keep the air silencer handy. In the future you may put it back as part of a "ram air" system or whatever.

  After your finished, you will be able to see the conical shaped air filter element slightly (if you lean over and look). For the most part, the air filter is still enclosed but with a much larger opening.

 5.0 Mustang owners have a similar silencer in place that can be removed. I removed it from the 5.0 years ago, so I have no photos.


 I drove my Mustang 4.6L SOHC V8 with the air silencer in place for the first 5000 miles. After removing it I did feel a difference in power. The engine revs quicker and feels like it has more "pep".  The car sounds a "tiny" bit louder at lower RPM, a growl type sound.  I don't remember feeling this much of a power improvement when removing the air silencer from the '89 5.0 GT. I can't really say I "feel" a difference on the 3.8L engine either. I do feel a noticeable difference on the 4.6L SOHC.... Like getting a power chip or something.

 Drive your car just before you remove the air silencer, then drive it again right after removing it. This way you may be able to notice the difference.


 After doing the "air silencer removal" modification, I would go out and purchase a K & N air filter. Air will "flow" to your engine better. You can also "wash" these filters and re-use them. Don't forget to also purchase extra K & N air filter oil (to re-oil it after you wash it out).

PORTABLE GARAGE ! COST: $99 to $1200 depending on size.

This portable 2 car garage can be assembled in an hour, withstand 50 MPH winds, accommodate 2 full size vans and requires no building permit !

 I work in the television production business. We are constantly using these "portable" swap-meet style tents to keep expensive video & computer equipment out of the rain and sun. I needed extra space to store cars and I didn't want to keep them parked under the burning California sun all day !

 These tents do such a good job that I never use the garage to park cars anymore ! The side panels keeps the dust and dew off your Mustang and prevents wind from ripping through. Each pole and tie down wire is foam padded so you can jam your doors wide open with no fear of scratches. There is also no harm done if you accidentally slam the entire tent with your car. I've also had winds way over 50 MPH and a major earthquake and these tents took it no problem ! The panels are "fire resistant" and won't light up if a glowing amber from a forest fire lands on it. The panels also reflect heat.

 Let me tell you, a car parked in the sun all day (collecting bird crap, dust, etc.) will look like utter crap in as little as 2 years. I know, I have many cars. You can wash and wax your car every single day and your car will still look like crap after a few years in the sun (compared to a car parked in a garage). Considering how much you paid for your Mustang, I can't find a good reason for NOT getting one of these ! You can have a nice "showroom new" Mustang 5 years from now ! It's really worth it ! Of course if you have a garage to park in that's even better.


 It was only a matter of time before a large McDonalds drink "dumped" into the cloth passenger seat. I wanted some seat covers that didn't look like a pair of women's panty hose. These seat covers look pretty cool and are considerably thicker than the average seat cover. They have this unique bar pattern that remindes me of the 68 Mustang bucket seats. They also match the "saddle" interior perfectly. It is also available in black, red, grey, etc. You have to cut a hole near the top to poke the plastic seat belt holder through. I sewed up the hole for a "custom" look. You still have access to all the the power seat controls, power lumbar, side bolster wheel adjuster and recliner bar. Perfect fit.

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