Installing a Hood and Side Scoops
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This is the scoop as it came out of the box

This is a front view of the non-functional hood scoop

Here is a diagram that came with the hood scoop to show you where to put it and where exactly the drill holes go. Note: if it is the functional scoop no need to drill the blue hole, if it's non functional, then you don't need to drill the red holes.

So we laid it up to see if the center and how it will look when placed down to the hood of the car. Note there are 2 self locking fasteners that actually hold the hood scoop in place on the hood. Note the blue arrow pointing to the fasteners.

Here we marked the spots to bolt with breatable tape and a pencil

Once we got the drill spots marked we were ready to pop the rivets off of the hoodliner as to not drill through it. Be careful not to break the plastic rivets. We used a flathead screwdriver to pry them loose. We took it down and laid it on the block. We left it there while we drilled on the marks and I held the hood as my father drilled the holes so we didn't get the paint and dust on the engine. Be carful not to go through too far.

Here is the finished product. Let the pictures speak for themselves. I couldn't get any pics of the drilling because we had to work together and no one to hodl the camera :-) The main thing is a 7/16" drill bit and drill on the marks. Make sure they are exact so that it fits really snug. Also there is a stick tape on 3 sides of the scoop, the back, left and right. The front is just foam.

Install time took about 15 minutes. Now for the side scoops. We did them first the same day and the hood scoop after dark. The are fairly easy. Install time 5 minutes.


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