Installing a Hood and Side Scoops
Contributed by Mike (aka Unreal from
Text re-typed by Glenn :-) - MW


This is the side scoop as it comes out of the box. No it does not come with instructions. The insert goes in bottom first shown in blue, and it slides down... then it pops in place from the front to the back and locks.

Ok, now to the car we go... Pull from the top with a little force and the black insert pops out. Then go down go down the middle area and pop one more, the bottom area slides up last.

Now you see the little rivets some got stuck in the holes. Those are hard to get out, you have to pull one of the 2 sides out and use a flat head screwdriver to push the other side. It will come right out. Figured that out the hard way.

Finally I got all of those little rivets out.

Now you want to slide the rivets into the slots given on the new side scoop. No they don't give you any, you must reuse your old ones.

It pops right back in place where the stock side scoop was, be sure to go over it with a pretty good amount of pressure. The spots show the pressure points to push at. (MW Note: That does not look that bad with those black dots painted on there :-) but Mike painted those on in a paint program to show where to press down only)

The finished product. Sweet.

That's it.

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