Move your stock 99 - 00 wing back
Contributed by Sebastian P. (Seb99GT00GT) and John H.
from J&S Speedshop (CA)
Comparison photos by Paul A. (Paul 99 GT)

Note: All the wings shown in this how-to are the factory stock wings. You DO need to drill new holes to move your wing back. BUT holes are covered up by the wing itself after you move it back (not too far). So there are no ugly holes left on your trunk. This is a subtle mod, but it's free for those interested - MW

All you need is a socket to remove and replace the spoiler. A drill and necessary bits.

Above are the holes stock from the factory (3) each side, 2 for bolts, 1 for an alignment "tab".

First open the trunk and unbolt the spoiler. There are 4 bolts. Make sure to hold the spoiler in place so it won't drop on your trunk deck.

Depending on how far you want to move the spoiler back will determine how many holes you'll need to drill. The pics of my vert show using one of the holes reused and was not moved back as far as my coupe. If you are going to reuse the uppermost hole you'll only need to drill 2 holes on each side. If you decide to move the wing further back and not use the existing holes you will need to drill 3 holes per side.

MW Note: Notice there are 2 bolts above, this means 3 holes needed per side
to accommodate the "tab" or alignment notch.

Note the "tab" on the spoiler you'll need to drill a hole big enough to fit it through.

Use a pick or other marking device to mark where your holes will be drilled. Be careful when drilling! You don't want to mess up the trunk deck! It will also make a very big mess so you may want to do this outside. You don't want to move the spoiler too far back that the tip of the spoiler won't cover up the uppermost hole on the trunk deck.

( nice Rolex Daytona watch John ;-) -MW )

Depending on how many holes you drilled test the spolier for fit to the deck.

<-- Rear of stang. Notice above only 2 extra holes drilled. This means that one of the holes will be reused and you drill one hole for the bump or "tab" and another hole for the rear bolt on each side.

If the spoiler doesn't meet up well with the deck check to see if the spoiler "tab" hole is big enough.

When you're done simply bolt up the spoiler to the new holes and the old holes will be covered up by the spoiler.

You may want to apply silicone to seal the old holes since they are not used anymore. It doesn't matter if water goes through since there is a gutter in the trunk for the water. - Seb

Comparison Shots:

Comparison pic above: Front stang has a stock untouched wing. Middle stang has the wing moved back reusing 2 of the stock holes. The last stang has 3 new holes drilled for the wing moved back far.

Comparison pic above: The stang closest to the camera has 3 new holes drilled on each side (far back wing move), middle stang has 2 holes drilled each side (medium move), the 3rd stang way back in the shot has the stock wing location. Yes thats the stock wing only moved back.

Comparison Shots (click to enlarge):
(no move)
(2 holes drilled, one reused)
(three new holes drilled)

That's it...

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