Lowering your Wiper Arms
Contributed by Angelo Russo
Pics by Mustangworld

Reader Tip: I have a tip for adjusting the wiper blades on 1994-01 Mustangs so that they are less visible from the driver's view through the windshield. The factory installed positions allow too much of the wiper blade visible through the lower surface of the windshield when viewed from the driver's seat.

This provides a cleaner appearance from the cockpit view and allows you to see more of the hood surface instead of looking directly at the wiper blades through the bottom of the windshield. I find it especially helpful when parking and driving in the right lane against concrete walls and bridges.

I have a better sight reference being able to see the actual surface of the hood. This is extremely more noticable to short drivers. You simply pull the retaining tab out at the base of each wiper blade arm, pull each wiper arm off and install them one notch down on the splined pivot shaft, then push the retaining tabs back in. The wiper sweep on the driver's side is reduced ever so slightly but the benefit of seeing the hood surface through the windshield outweighs that. - Angelo


What can we say, we love totally free mods and this one does not require any tools !

BTW: Yes, we've pulled wiper arms many, many times before in the past but needed to be reminded that we can put them down :-)

We decided to try Angelo's tip. If you live in an area that does not see much rain or don't drive the stang much in rain, then this is something that might work great. We tried this mod in a rain and the wiper travel is reduced, but good enough.

Here we go:

First here are the stock locations of the wiper blades.

Driver Side stock

Passenger side stock

Before you do this mod, sit in your stang and get a good feel for the position of the stock wipers from inside the stang. Really look at the view out the front when they are totally stock so you can tell the difference after you do this mod to see if it's worth it for you.

While this mod does look cool from the outside, it's really on the inside where you will notice a clean view of the hood and a less clutered view in general from the driver and passenger seat.

To remove the wiper arm, simply pull that little latch out, fold the wiper arm back and pull it off. Make sure that little tab is completely out (you might have to hold it out) or the wiper arm won't lift off. No tools are needed.

To re-install, slide them back on, push the little tab back into the arm and lower the arm.


AFTER THE MOD (Arms Lowered)

We decided to "go all the way" and put the wipers full down barely touching the black plastic cowl area.

Driver side after

Passenger side after

The view from inside the stang is much cleaner and from the outside you get a slightly cleaner look as well.

Wipers after the mod.

While doing this mod, you might want to turn the wipers on / off to test your settings. Turn them on / off before you do anything to make sure you got the default arm position.

You want to ensure you don't lower the arms completely onto the plastic lower cowl, but just touching or above should be ok.

You can go one notch down or all the way as we did. Since we don't see much rain in our area, we decided to put them all the way down.

The day after we did this we saw some rain :-) We did notice a reduced wiper arm sweep, but it was good enough.

We like the new view from inside the stang despite having to deal with the reduced wiper arm travel on a few occasions.

Till next time.. see ya on the street ! - MW

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