(written in March '97)

 When Ford decided to put a 4.6L single overhead cam V8 engine into the Mustang GT, it turned the entire ponycar industry on it's head. The legendary 5.0 engine which powered the Mustang for many years is gone...forever. It will be missed. The 96 Mustang at first was "balked" by everyone including most of the Mustang magazine publications! Everyone thought that the OBD-II computer was not going allow you to "look" at your engine without the check engine light coming on. WRONG! This new engine can be easily tweaked.

 I'm actually all for the 4.6L SOHC. I am a tech freak by nature and this new engine fits right in. Over and beyond the old 5.0 engine, I don't mind doing away with distributor caps, points, pushrods, lifters, traditional rocker arms, etc. The new T45 tranny is much more durable the old "glass" T5. I'll take the new PATS security system. I'll also gladly accept the much stronger crank, stronger connecting rods, aluminum cylinder heads, 65mm throttle body, 80mm mass air and composite plastic "ultra-smooth" upper intake runners! I'll also gladly accept the "ultra-smooth" operation of the new 4.6L complete with it's larger stroke, higher RPM redline and 100,000 mile tune up schedule.... and that's just for starters. Talk about a great base / stock engine to start modifying! This new engine has great potential.

 The stock single overhead cam engine revs way up to 6000RPM (with absolute ease), giving you those extra RPM's for great mountain road racing upshfits (remember this is a V8 not a 4 banger) Want a safe 7k redline? Buy the Motorsport performance EUK. The new GT is so drivable, so predictable and so controllable. I do "dukes of hazard" side slides all the time for the fun of it! It really blows me away (as well as the competition!). This is the best handling "live axle" rear wheel drive car available for the price... period.

Wanna hear this bad boy ?... (87k WAV FILE) Click here. With factory stock exhaust system. This is what your new Mustang would sound like driving home from the dealer! For other sounds check out MW's sound page !

That's it !


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