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We created this section for V6 Mustang enthusiasts. 3.8L parts are hard to find, but It's fun to beef up a Mustang... ANY Mustang, that's why we created this section... Enjoy.

ATTENTION PARTS MANUFACTURERS: If you have ANY information related to V6 Mustang performance, please send it in (via our email feedback). We would like to see more performance parts made for the 3.8L V6 ! Especially a supercharger kit !


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Need for speed V6 SC
Need for Speed 3.8L V6 Supercharger ('94-'98).

Will Also fit 1989-1997 3.8 V6 Thunderbird/Cougar with slight Modification. Self Contained Cooler Running with No Oil Lines or Oil Reservoir. No Need to "Punch" a Hole in Your Oil Pan. Mass Air Relocated to Inner Fender Well for a Cooler Intake Charge. All Accessories Remain Functional and in Factory Locations. No Need to Disconnect or Remove A/C for Installation. Utilizes the Reliable, Efficient & Effective Powerdyne BD-11 Supercharger Kit. Includes Everything Needed for a Complete Professional Installation. Includes Components such as:By-Pass Valve, Quality FMU, 190 LPH In-Line Fuel Pump, Reusable K&N Air Filter & More. Easy Installation-Can be Installed in Approximately 4-6 Hours Available in Satin or Polished Finish. Intro Price: $2199.99

For more information contact: www.need-4-speed.com.


Pro 5.0
"Pro-5.0"  Shifter  for the 3.8L T5 trans.

Wanted a new shifter for your 3.8L? Positive shifts will save your tranny if you grind alot. Not "casted" but machined from the ground up! There is a 30 day %100 money back guarantee! It really is "that good". They also make shifters for many other transmissions. Wish the Mustangworld 3.8L was a manual, we'd have one installed. Price $179.

For more information contact: Pro-5.0. (908) 241-0107.

White guages
NR White face gauge kit for V6 (120Mph speedo).

Yes you can get them for your V6 ! Even get red or other colors as well. Give your Mustang a whole new look from inside Cost $149.00.

For more information Contact NR auto accessories web site (under colored gauges). or (818) 986-8881.

APE 3.8L Performance Chip & Mas Air Meter.

Auburn Performance Equipment just come out with a line of custom computer chips and a 900 CFM mass air meter for the V6 Mustang ! Features of the APE Chip for V6 Mustangs include; Air/fuel ratio - we can adjust this to your level of modifications for peak performance throughout the rpm range. Spark curve - we can precisely set this for normally aspirated as well as supercharged cars. Rev limits - we can move them to where ever you need. Injector size - we can set in the software what injector size you need to run, NO NEED to touch your mass air meter or replace it. Transmission shifts - we can firm these up, set them to shift where you are making peak power, as well as vary both areas depending on throttle position. This means decent manners for around town cruising and tire ripping performance when you put your foot down. NO NEED TO BUY A SHIFT KIT. Torque converter lockup - we can change the point at which your torque converter locks up and vary this by what gear you are in and throttle position. This means increased acceleration when you need it WITHOUT having to buy a after-market torque converter. And more functions for racers, or hard to tune vehicles....

Prices: APE Chip for 1995-1996 V6 Mustangs, $250.00 APE Chip and APE 900 Mass air meter combo complete with high flow air filter; $499.00 Complete APE Double Chip, with two complete programs on one module, with switch and wire for easy placement of switch near driver. $350.00 APE Double Chip with APE 900 Mass Air meter, $599.00

For more information Contact APE on their website. or (508) 832-6765.

K & N 3.8L Performance Air filter.

K & N makes an air filter for your V6 ! These air filters offer better air flow and can be washed and re-used. They all come with a million mile warranty from K & N. Price: $40.95.

For more information Contact their website.

3.8 Pulleys
3.8L V6 Underdrive Pulleys from ASP.

ASP has these pulleys for your 3.8L V6, they can add up to 10 HP at higher rpm's on your stock V6 ! With a black nitride finish, they will last and look good forever. ASP also bores out  throttle bodies and other custom performance mods for the V6. Two piece pulley system Price: $94.95.

For more information Call: (281) 261-5811 or Fax (281) 261-5715.

Single exhaust
Borla 3.8L V6 exhaust system.

This is a single exhaust cat-back system that is a direct bolt on for your V6. Fits '94 - '98 Mustang 3.8L's. It will give your stang a louder exhaust note (especially at lower to mid rpm's) and up to a 8 HP gain at higher rpms. Price $359.

For more information visit www.borla.com.

Dual kit
Pacesetter V6 Dual exhaust adapter.

Pacesetter exhaust systems has this unique adapter kit that allows you to use any 5.0 / 4.6L GT dual exhaust system on your 3.8L V6 ! All you need to do is cut your factory y-pipe and bolt this piece in. No welding required. Kit includes clamps, fasteners, hangers and instructions. Pacesetter says 12% - 15% HP increase. Price: $79.

For more information visit www.pacesetterexhaust.com.

3.8L V6 chip from Superchips.

Get optimized spark and fuel curves, part throttle spark retards, calibrations for larger fuel injectors, lower degree fan turn on, raised rev limiters and improved shifting points for automatics. Super chips also offer custom programming for your application. Dyno results show a solid 10HP gain on the V6 (available on their website). Price $249.

For More information contact Superchips 1-888-CAR-CHIPS. www.superchips.com.

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