All reviews here are written by Mustangworld.

We enjoy all types of games on PC's and MAC's but the reviews here will center on driving games only.

Precision Cart Racing Price $39.

It's finally out! This game has all 17 CART race tracks recreated from GPS-based data accurate to within 10cm! If you never raced Laguna Seca here's your chance! The demo version comes with this one course. For your info CART does not mean "go-cart" it's actually an Indy type race car. We wish we had a force feedback steering wheel. If you have a T3 "force feedback" steering wheel on your pc you can actually "feel" your steering wheel vibrate AND get knocked around when another car hits you, or you hit a wall, this game has full support for this type of wheel. In a F1 car, your car really get's thrown around the road, a force feedback wheel would really make this game fun, but it plays great on our standard formula T2 wheel. The simulation, texture mapping and scenery are the best we've seen yet in a F1 type game, and require a fast PC for smooth playback (p166 or faster). There is multiplayer mode action with up to 8 players over LAN, NET etc., there is even a racing school featuring Bobby Rahal ! Another cool thing is the tremendous amount of reality you can get, every part of your car, weather, tires, track conditions, tire / engine wear, you name it... it's ALL here. You can also toggle reality off for pure arcade racing fun. We like the ability to toggle racing lines (a dotted red line on the track appears) an aid for beginners, to help their lap times. There's even a Pi analysis feature to analyze your performance just like the pros. You can race David Letterman's Ford - Cosworth engine race car (Bobby Rahal races it in real life). All they need now is a simulation for burning rubber and the smell of race fuel that was over spilled during your pit stop! We think it's a great game.

Download Trial Version NOW from OR it's about 13 megs ! You'll also need Direct X 5.0 (another 3 megs)

Need For Speed II! Price $29.

Can you handle a 720HP, 220 MPH Ford GT90 ? Here's your chance. This game lets you choose from 8 different speed machines to drive. Graphics quality is excellent. There is a strong attention to detail, like flying sparks, minute sounds of tires hopping  the curb, peeling out in 3rd, etc. This game also supports a "reactive" steering wheel so you can "feel" the road. Up to 8 players at once. Game play is slow on anything less than a p133. The game demo is limited to only one track and one car, the cool thing is, it's the Ford GT90 that you drive in the demo.

Download a trial version NOW from Electronic Arts. Click here to download 16MB from Electronic Arts FTP server.

Monster Truck Madness! Price$ 39.

 It's been out for a while now, but it's one of the best racing games around. Even though we only drive Mustangs (on real racetracks) the trucks in this game can be set up to drive very similarly to a Mustang! You can also learn real world driving (racing) techniques by playing the game with the T2 Driving Controller (see above). Powerslide your truck, over-steer, under-steer, throttle-steer, bump-steer, you name it! Race courses, drag, rally or tournaments. 3 different skill levels. You can play multiplayer against your friends! Playing this game every day may not be as good as going to an actual racing school, but it's a whole lot cheaper (and fun when you crash).

Download a trial version NOW from . It's located in the "products" section.

Thrustmaster Formula T2 Driving Controller. Price$ 109.

 You simply can not experience the thrill of driving games without this controller. It has a very realistic steering console with shifter and 2 dashboard buttons. It also includes a board with brake and gas pedals (no clutch pedal, bummer). In games where you shift, it's like driving an auto-stick because there is no clutch pedal, but it is still has a very realistic feel. It hooks into your joystick port on your windows PC. You do not need any other adapters. 2 of the 8 machines we have in our network game setup here at Mustangworld have this controller installed. It's a pretty strong device as well (hard to break). Most driving games directly support the T2. Get one today! You can purchase it at any large computer retailer.

Networked Pentium PC Price $1200-$1600.

 With a networked PC you can play head-to-head with other players in your office (or home). Racing against other players is what makes this whole gaming thing worth it! You can also play games against others over the internet! Playing alone is also fun ,but multiply the fun factor by the number of "real players" racing against each other at once. PC's these days are CHEAP you can get a Pentium 200MMX 32Mb, 4gig HD, modem, 3D graphics card, 17" monitor, etc.etc.etc. for under $2500 ! Buy 3 systems ($7500) and you can have FUN ! That's cheaper than ONE race prepped go-cart and three people can have fun with no fear of getting hurt. Anything less than a 133Mhz pentium will run games slow. Some driving games can work well with pentium computers as slow 90Mhz by reducing the game graphics quality.


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