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Pioneer CDX-P5000
Pioneer CDX-P5000
50 CD changer

 This system keeps 50 of your favorite CD's ready to play. I don't even own 50 CD's! It also features a single disc tray for access to one CD at a time. This allows you to "swap" a CD without removing the whole magazine. It also offers track programming, memory backup, music group play and more. With this unit you can drive from Maine to Florida without hearing the same song twice. Works with any pioneer compatible changer control unit / stereo. This 50CD unit may be a little overkill for a Mustang but what the hell!

Price: $499.95 #130CDXP500 Available from Crutchfield. For more info contact  www.crutchfield.com.

Pioneer Voice Control Unit CD-VC50

 This device let's you talk to your stereo! Speak into the mic to name each CD. Then when you are ready just tell the changer which CD you want to play! If you forget which discs are loaded you can push a button and it will say the titles back to you!

Price: $199.95 #130CDC50 Available from Crutchfield. For more info contact  www.crutchfield.com.

I have this unit
SONY CDX-505RF 10 Disc CD changer

 This unit holds 10 CD's and works very well. It does not skip, even over hard bumps. Mine only skipped once over speed bumps at 35MPH! It is a piece of cake to install and uses an adapter that goes through your car's FM antenna. I put it in my Mustang GT in about 30 minutes. Hard core audio buffs might say "hey if that thing goes through your radio at 88.3FM or whatever, it probably sounds like crap!" not true... You can hear crisp hi's and snappy low end from this system. True it may not be as good as an RCA connection to your stereo but hey, you can use it with your stock Mustang's sound system and it installs and removes in minutes. It comes with RCA outputs for direct connection as well. If your happy with your stock stereo and want CD capability without installation hassle, I'd recommend this unit. You can also fast forward, rewind, song skip, random play, adjust volume, choose which FM radio station to connect to and it comes with wired and wireless remote controls. The green control LED's match the Mustang's stock green LED's. You can see photos of mine installed in the 4.6L GT feature section here on this site.

Price: $379.95 #158CDX505R Available from Crutchfield. For more info contact  www.crutchfield.com.

Amplified Bazooka Tubes 6 1/2"," 8" and 10"

 So your happy with your stock Mustang sound system but you want BOOM! Well, this thing will give it to you and can be installed with your eyes closed. This subwoofer has preamp and speaker level inputs for "ultra" easy hookup to any sound system. You can set the included crossover lower for clean bass or higher for butt kicking thump. Mounting straps included. You don't need any extra amps, wires, crossovers, etc. You only need this. Next time you get pissed off at the drive through window give em' a load of BOOMIN' BASS! Again, recomended for folks that like their new stock sound system and want to avoid installation hassle. You don't need to spend $3K for a nice sounding boomin system these days. Great for all styles of music.

Price: $269.99 6 1/2", $299.99 8", $349.95 10" #204T62A80 , #204T82A80, #204T102A80 Available from Crutchfield.
For more info contact  www.crutchfield.com.


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