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Digital PCS cellular phones for your Stang !

The stang's cupholder makes a nice "PCS phone stand". Model made by Qualcomm.

It's actually been around for a few years now but recently the new Digital PCS phones are getting very affordable, even cheaper to use than your home phone in some cases. There is no comparison to analog cellular phones, the new digital phones are MUCH more clear with absolutely no static. Often times people simply can't believe that we are making calls from this phone, it sounds better than a corded home phone!


It is basically a "digital" version of the older "analog" cellular phones of yesterday. PCS stands for Personal Communication System. You can get your Email, voice mail, call forwarding, 3 way calling, caller ID, stock quotes, sports scores, traffic info and much, much more. Even the most basic phones include an on screen "phone directory" with alphanumeric displays. Everything you do is logged, minutes on-line, all numbers that you called and that called you, everything.  Voice mail automatically answers if your phone is out of service or if you don't answer. Alpha numeric Caller ID (like "Rick Jhonson 555-555-5555")  is great to see who is calling you ! You have to program "named" IDs but the number always shows. There is also a feature where the phone can beep just before a minute is up (in minute intervals) so you can bail before your charged for another minute but with 1000 minutes per month we talk away with no worries ! (see below) We also bought a 12volt car cord, leather case ($24 for both) and an adapter to hook up out laptop's modem so we can send / receive faxes ($10). The phones themselves are available for around $99-$150.


It takes a whole new level of equipment to "listen in" to phone conversations, we'd hear all kinds of cellular activity with our radio scanners that we have, but the new PCS signals are just a bunch of  modem like static, this severely reduces the chance of someone listening to your conversation. Phone "cloning" is also a thing of the past with each new digital phone having it's own unique ID and a type of CRC check at the digital relay sites. By comparison, phone cloning with analog phones is easier than making a web page. Basically it will be a few years before the amateur "hacker" catches up with this new technology. Always remember though... nothing is "un-hackable".

See that little "envelope" looking button up there ? That's "one touch" access to your voice mail !


All this great stuff would be useless if it were not affordable. There are so many promo deals going on right now with digital PCS phones but one of the best (at this time) is from Sprint. We had a little problem we had to remedy...you can take the combined monthly cellular phone bills here at Mustangworld and buy 2 Mustang Cobras ! (on payments). Our cellular phone bills are $150 to $400 per month EACH ! We're talking thousands of dollars per month in cellular phone bills... and they are analog "brick" sized cellular phones complete with "cut outs", loads of static and "one line" displays. We had to find a better solution !

Menu driven On-line "phone directory" on the phone's display is included.


Our new phone plan gives us 1000 (one thousand) minutes PER month (per phone) for only $70 (per month ea.) ! That is, any individual can pay $70 per month and for that you get 1000 minutes (per month, every month) to chat away AND this includes EVERY possible option available (Voicemail, Caller ID, forwarding, etc. etc. etc. everything !). If you talk over this 1000 minutes per month, your cost is only .20 cents per minute. 1000 minutes is plenty and we are at about 45 minutes a week avg. per phone here, well under 1000 total per month each. It's nice to have an overload of minutes each and every month so you don't have to worry about talking. Remember, these are NOT "free weekend minutes" or anything LAME like that, they are minutes that can be used 24 hours a day 7 days a week any time. 1000 minutes each and every month (per phone), new month ? another 1000 minutes to talk. We just wanted to get this point clear, sorry, we're just very excited with the budget for Mustangworld already being low, we'll now have more money each month, maybe even enough to buy a new '99 Cobra !

If you don't use your full 1000 minutes (per month) they are NOT carried over to the next month however, it resets back to 1000. If you divide this out, the PCS digital cellular phone is actually cheaper to use than your home phone for toll local, and long distance calls, 90% of all our calls! They have plans as low as $20 per month for 20 free minutes per month included or $50 per month with 500 free minutes per month included. This was a promo deal that anyone can take advantage of. The typical cost for 1000 minutes is around $150 to $300 per month so to find this for only $70 per month from Sprint was a joy for us, all tolled it is saving us thousands of dollars per month here. Also, every place in the HUGE digital coverage area in our city (Greater Los Angeles area from San Diego county line to Ventura county line.) is FREE to call, no long distance or toll local charges, it's all included in the one low monthly price. Though you will sometimes encounter a rare "roaming" area within your city, just drive a few more miles and you can call for free again.

Also, inquire about a "homelink" option which could eliminate those "roaming" charges !


Service Areas. The new Digital PCS service is only available in certain areas around the country, these digital phones are NOT compatible with analog systems. Currently, Digital cellular service areas are popping up faster than ISP's and are sure to blanket the entire country within a year. Currently all major cities and roads have digital PCS coverage. So if you live in an extremely remote area this phone may not work for you, at least not for the moment. This is no problem if you live in a small to larger size city.


With plans (from Sprint) starting as low as $20 (with 20 minutes of airtime included per month), now may be the time to buy a digital cellular phone. Shop around !!! There are many "promo" deals available to everyone. Some deals from other places are $9.95 per month BUT for only the first three months ! Some plans only give you free "weekend" minutes but this is useless if you use your cellular phone in a business during the week ! Some places have a HUGE pre-cancellation fee (up to $400 or more!). The Sprint promo has none of these "surprises" and it's hands down the best nationwide deal (at this time) in digital cellular phones we've found. ALL major cellular relays networks are switching to digital systems here in the US so this is a phone for the future.

Note: Promo prices and monthly package prices & service options vary and are subject to change on a daily basis with no notice whatsoever.

For more info you can visit www.sprintpcs.com

Until next time... see you on the street !


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