This car hauls.Mods include:
Crane Rockers, Vortechtech Supercharger 8lbs., 4 Core RAdiator, C&L 73 mm MAss Air Sensor, K&N Conical Air Filter, Underdrive Pulleys, Platnium Spark Plugs, Motorsport 8mm Spark Plug wires, T-rex Fuel Pump, 255 Lph Internal fuel pump, 24lbs Motorsport Injectors, BBK Equal Length Headers, 2-1/2 Inch highflow Cats, Dynomax Mufflers, Summit Racing Dampener/Balencer, Edlebrock Timing Chain, Aluminum Motorsport Driveshaft, Tremec 5 Spd 3550HD Tranny, Hurst Shifter, 3.55 rearend gear ratio, Centerforce dual friction clutch, BBK Aluminum Clutch Quadrant, Felpro gaskets, MSD Boost retard, BBK 180 MPH Speedo, Boost Guages, Lower front Crossmember, Sub-frame connectors., Rocker Pannel stiffeners, Upper rear strut tower brace, Interior Roll Bar, Aux. Rear tunable drag sway bar, BBK Specific rate springs, Monroe Formula GP Shocks, 17" Magnizium Alloy 235/45 Front wheels, 255/40 rear Wheels, Alternating "Pace car" headlight switch.

Talk about 5.0 power! I need to dyno this ride to see what it's puttin' out at the rear wheels. The 17" rims make all the difference in the world on the 86-93 platform. No body pinching was nessesary on the GT either which suprised me because this car is slammed. On the 86-93 LX 5.0 I believe some fender pinching was nessesary to fit the 17's in place nicely to avoid scraping in tight turns. A new steering rack is going in to take up the "play" in the steering control. I can't believe the engine block is still in one piece! This thing has been through sooo much! It would be nice to have a 8 point roll-cage also, in case I roll this mofo at 170MPH! This thing has 90,000 ass kickin' miles on it and it's still takin' names!

You can hear this mofo (156k WAV FILE) by clicking here. Check out MW's sound page for more sounds!


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